Student Learning Analytics

Changing traditional school and teaching methodologies.

Sigma’s innovative Student Learning Analytics Program aids smoother school administration and smarter teaching.

How can we streamline the school administration and make teaching methodology smarter by leveraging technology?

  • Helps teacher track the progress of students, consequently allowing them to focus on key areas of improvement and progress with great potential.
  • Saves administrative costs for the schools by effectively leveraging technology.

Grails Application Development and Mysql.

  • Grails
Client Challenge

Technology has been transforming the way many sectors have been operating. The education sector cannot stay far behind in this race. Most schools/educational institutions have their bandwidths clogged with mundane administration work. The client wanted to develop a platform that would help schools streamline their administration processes and hence would offer teachers the opportunity to develop more effective teaching modules.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop a Student Learning Analytics Program (SLA). This reporting solution enabled schools, administrators and its teachers track, monitor, and strategize the progress and development of its students.

SLA helped in streamlining the efforts of school administrators and its staff to analyze the students’ knowledge status, weekly progress and their learning curve over a specific time-period.

The application can create charts and network diagrams involving complex SQL queries. The application can also be extended to include online assignments and an attendance tracking system in the future.

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