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The client is an Oceania-based organization that specializes in providing a wide range of vaping products and accessories. They aim to support smokers in their transition to a healthier alternative by offering quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and vaping devices. With a focus on customer satisfaction and product knowledge, they strive to be a trusted source for vaping enthusiasts across the region

Project Brief

In order to enhance security, improve performance, increase scalability, and leverage headless technology, Sigma has collaborated with the Jayden Digital team to upgrade the client’s Magento platform from 2.3.2 to 2.4.4 and implement frontend from scratch using Magento PWA headless framework.


Key business needs and challenges of upgrading the Magento Platform and implementing Headless Architecture

The client was running two Magento websites, each with its own Magento admin. However, manually entering data on both websites was time-consuming. Therefore, the client wanted to merge both websites under a single admin panel.

The existing Magento frontend responsive UI was not compatible with the latest mobile devices and had issues with performance as well.

Performance issues plagued their existing system, hindering the smooth operation of their platform and hampering user experience.

The older version of the Magento platform that the client was using had numerous unnecessary extensions and bugs, posing significant risks and limitations to the company’s operations. Furthermore, these older Magento versions were incompatible with the latest Magento packages, preventing the client from leveraging new features and functionalities.

The client expressed a desire to separate out frontend and backend and look for cross-platform compatibility which gives flexibility, improved performance, and provides SEO benefits.


We recommend upgrading the client’s Magento version from the outdated 2.3.2 to the latest version 2.4.4. It offers improved performance, security, and stability.

Sigma has significantly reduced the existing extension in newer upgraded versions. We extensively leverage the default Magento features, which reduces unnecessary extensions and dependencies.

Sigma team has used Strapi headless CMS to bring multiple store site contents like Header, HomePage, Categories, and Footer.

The Sigma team has enhanced the existing PWA Venia theme to accommodate the client’s business requirements and quickly troubleshoot any arising issues.

We recommended a cutting-edge Magento PWA headless framework that is aligned with client needs to separate out frontend/backend, cross compatibility, and performance improvements.

The upgraded platform will also provide administrators with greater control over managing content, empowering them to make necessary changes with ease.


Performance – Increased performance of the website with Magento PWA  and Headless architecture, resulting in faster page load time.

Business Effectiveness – Using our flexible data structure solution approach, our client now has control to easily update the site content without updating the code base.

Security – The new website is now more secure with PCI compliance and leverages the latest security patches from the Magento platform.

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