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Hansen Wholesale (HW) has been in business since 1976 and online since 1994! The client offers a variety of home decor from which you can shop for top-quality ceiling fans, gas logs, lighting, fireplace doors and accessories, and gourmet barbecue grills at guaranteed low prices.

Project Brief

After migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we have leveraged the Magento 2 capabilities in the existing website for feature enhancements that includes search functionality, marketing automation system integration, customized promo rules, shipping prices, and a local quantity module.


Improved and easy search functionality for users

Integrate marketing automation system (Klaviyo) which should sync the Magento

Customized promo rules for products

Customized shipping price based on product types

Handle physical products which aren’t available in Netsuite ERP System


Search Functionality: We have enhanced the search functionality across the website by implementing key features such as keyword-based search, suggestions, and keyword search/reports, using a  third-party extension, Mirasvit Magento2 elasticsearch.
Marketing Automation System Integration: We have integrated Klaviyo for marketing automation systems, which will boost sales. The integration has been achieved with the help of customized APIs to sync between the Website and Klaviyo.
Local Qty Module: We have developed a module for warehouse qty which we can easily manage with file import & customized checkout and cart according to it.
Customized Promo Rules: We have created custom promo rules which will be specific to products with additional mass options from where we can easily refresh the price and check the updated prices on the frontend within minutes.
ERP Integration: We have integrated Netsuite ERP with Magento to synchronize product and shipping information. Our solution involved leveraging the Celigo connector, which seamlessly connected the two systems for efficient data transfer.
Customized Shipping Prices: We have customized shipping prices based on product price and its type.


The enhanced search functionality provided users with faster and more accurate results, leading to a better overall user experience

The average order value has increased by 12% over the two years

With accurate availability of information, customers can see the products available at their nearest location, leading to informed purchasing decisions

Increased conversion rates

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