eTail Australia 2023

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eTail Australia - Sigma Event

eTail Australia Event

Key Highlights of eTail Australia 2023:


What a great event to attend, eTail Australia, a premiere eCommerce and digital marketing summit for retailers. While exhibiting at the event, our representatives Sandeep Phophaliya (Co-Founder), and Neeraj Gupta (VP of Engineering) at Sigma Infosolutions enjoyed the interactions with professionals from Australia and beyond, on the role of technology in the retail industry. The event enabled us to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in the retail industry, an excellent opportunity for the duo to network and learn from other industry experts. Our learnings on the latest trends in eCommerce, including the increasing role of mobile commerce, social media commerce, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize customer experiences across new evolving economies was amazing at the event.

The exchange of ideas and insights with the industry professionals at eTail Australia including retailers, eCommerce platform providers, and technology vendors was a valuable experience.

Event Glimpses:

eTail Australia