LendFoundry™ launches the next-generation FinTech Lending Operating System at LendIt USA 2016

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Lendit USA

San Francisco, CA – April 11, 2016 – LendFoundry, a FinTech lending Operating System, is the accelerator for marketplace lending, providing an end-to-end lending solution that simplifies loan origination, marketing, acquisition, underwriting, servicing and beyond. The LendFoundry operating system empowers marketplace lenders to bypass costly tech build-outs, minimize IT infrastructure, and accelerate growth. “In 2013, our team set out to build a new ecosystem, to develop a FinTech lending Operating System, with a mission to provide a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, scalable platform. We now call that platform, LendFoundry” said Timothy Li, Co-Founder and Board Member of LendFoundry. “With a team of some of the brightest architects and engineers, LendFoundry has become the trusted operating system of choice, from start up to enterprise, including some of today’s largest online marketplace lenders.” “Marketplace lenders were grappling with the question of whether they should focus on the ‘Fin’ or the ‘Tech’ part of the business. It was our goal to sacrifice neither, so we built a best-in-class FinTech Operating System that allows lenders to focus on clients and portfolios. These core principles paved the foundation for LendFoundry.” reminisced Manoj Matthew, Co-founder of LendFoundry.

LendFoundry helps marketplace lenders stay ahead of the curve by providing:

  • Scalability – A Cloud-based platform, available as a SaaS model, LendFoundry is the foundation upon which marketplace lending is growing
  • Simplicity – Pre-packaged ‘turn-key’ integration with many third-party providers such as credit bureaus, bank data providers, document handlers, and marketing applications, simplifies implementation while substantially reducing integration costs
  • Intelligence – Want insights? The LendFoundry operating system provides robust data collection, management and reporting capabilities creating a competitive advantage through business intelligence.

About LendFoundry™ Founded in Irvine, California in 2013, LendFoundry is the next-generation FinTech Lending Operating System. By addressing the needs of the entire loan management process, it enables marketplace lenders to focus their efforts on business expansion and client-servicing. For more information, please visit LendFoundry.com. For the latest news and updates, you may also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Contact

Information: Brent Fausett Vice President Client Services, LendFoundry 1 (949) 298-3211 Brent.F@LendFoundry.com Twitter | LinkedIn