Webinar | B2B eCommerce – All that you need to know

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Sigma recently hosted a webinar, “B2B eCommerce – All that you need to know,” covering trends, platform features, and advanced functionalities. Key insights were shared on November 03, 2022:

  • B2B buyers prefer digital sales interactions via mobile apps and social channels.
  • Digital or remote interactions are more effective for B2B sales leaders.
  • Platform-neutral features like Company Accounts, Quick Orders, and Complex Pricing are crucial for launching a B2B eCommerce business.
  • Advanced B2B features include Digital Payment Options, Real-Time Inventory Updates, and Third-Party Integrations for exponential growth.

Presented by Neeraj Gupta (VP of Engineering) and Paushali Dutta (Senior Business Analyst) from Sigma Infosolutions, the webinar provided valuable insights. Thanks to all the participants for making it insightful and enjoyable!