Webinar | B2B eCommerce – All that you need to know

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Sigma recently organized a webinar titled “B2B eCommerce – All that you need to know”.

This webinar talked about the latest B2B eCommerce trends, platform-neutral features to set up a B2B eCommerce store, and advanced B2B features of eCommerce platforms to experience exponential growth & business efficiency.

The webinar was held on November 03, 2022 and the key points covered were:

  • B2B buyers are more inclined towards digitally enabled sales interactions with mobile apps and social media channels or communities.
  • B2B sales leaders find digital or remote interactions more effective since the beginning of the pandemic till now.
  • B2B platform-neutral features like Company Account, Quick Order, Request a Quote, Shopping List, Complex Pricing, and Sales rep & CSR login are crucial to launch B2B eCommerce business.
  • Advanced B2B features of eCommerce platforms like Digital & Flexible Payment Options, Sharing Shopping Carts & Multiple Shopping Carts, Real-Time Inventory Updates, Requisition lists & Requested Delivery Date, Purchase Order, Instant Purchase, Third Party Integrations, CRO and BI are crucial for modern B2B eCommerce to experience exponential growth and business efficiency.

The webinar was presented by Neeraj Gupta, VP of Engineering at Sigma Infosolutions, and Paushali Dutta, Senior Business Analyst at Sigma Infosolutions. We would like to thank all the participants/attendees who joined this insightful webinar. We hope you enjoyed the session and it was helpful.