UNBXD is a leading AI-powered product discovery solution for eCommerce businesses. The platform utilizes advanced data science to connect shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy and offers predictive actionable insights for merchandising. Features offered by UNBXD like Machine Learning Site Search enables optimized search results for online shoppers based on merchandiser insight coupled with advanced machine learning algorithms. Trusted by Express, Ashley HomeStore, FreshDirect, HSN, and ibSupply; UNXBD impacted over 1,300 eCommerce websites across 40+ countries to deliver an outstanding experience.


  • AI-powered Search: UNBXD offers features like search & category pages, autosuggest widget, personalization, content search, B2B searches, merchandising & insights, A/B testing, dynamic ranking, and many more to help your customers find the right products, content, and information at ease.
  • Recommendations: With the UNBXD’s recommendations you can utilize the “Recommended For You” and “Recently Viewed” widgets on the homepage to personalize recommendations to your returning visitors. “Viewed Also Viewed” and “Bought Also Bought” widgets can improve the chance of conversions at your product page and enables better product discovery by recommending products to your customers.
  • Seamless Integration: The platform delivers a seamless integration experience with the world’s top eCommerce development platforms Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. The powerful product discovery solution by UNBXD offers great flexibility and scalability for the evolving business needs of modern online store owners.
  • AI-powered PIM Technology: UNBXD’s PIM enables end-to-end product content management, tailored to serve your different eCommerce business needs. With this, online stores can receive product information from multiple sources in native file formats to produce enriched content ready to be published on any channel or marketplace.

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