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Sigma’s AI & Machine Learning Development Services

With more than a decade of delivering BI solutions for enterprises, Sigma realized the immense value of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning development services can drive for enterprises. Traditionally, business intelligence (BI) was restricted to business analysts who supplied information based on a collection of data over set time periods. The evolution of real-time data and application of AI in real life from self-driving cars, to virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana, and IBM’s redefined the global IT world and have progressed beyond BI trends to business critical solutions.

Through Sigma’s ready-to-go, AI & ML-powered services, business teams can drive better business outcomes by understanding deeper about customer behaviors in real time and coming up with winning predictive analytics solutions in industries like Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail.

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What We Do as a Machine Learning Development Company

Machine Learning Solutions

We empower your business with the unmatched benefits of machine learning, a technology that enables machines to leverage data for self-learning just like humans do. They can interpret complicated data, detect trends, and identify patterns in it.

Visual AI

Designed to look at and understand the vividity of the world around us. Our visual AI solutions are insightful and can be deployed with equal ease in diverse situations. At the core of it are powerful deep learning based image processing models which can analyze and make sense of the visuals right from those of homes, offices, streets and shops, to manufacturing assembly lines and finally to very specialized images that come from X-Ray, CT or MRI machines.

Natural Language Processing

We specialize in Natural Language Processing technology that enables machines to understand and comprehend what people speak and write, interpret their sentiments, and take relevant actions on the basis of this understanding.

Data Analytics AI Platform

Data Analytics AI & ML services are designed to handle terabytes of data your organization generates on a daily basis from various sources. These solutions can be utilized to design custom solutions for various applications for financial institutions, banks, capital markets, and retail & manufacturing companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are AI ML services and how can they benefit my business?

    • AI ML services refer to the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to solve business problems and enhance efficiency. These services involve leveraging algorithms and data to enable machines to learn and make intelligent decisions. They can benefit your business by automating tasks, optimizing processes, making predictions, improving customer experiences, and unlocking valuable insights from data.

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  • Can you customize your AI ML services to meet the unique needs and goals of my business?

    • Yes, we offer customizable AI ML services tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. We understand that each business has unique challenges and requirements, so we work closely with you to identify your objectives and develop AI ML solutions that align with your business processes and goals. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to create a solution that addresses your specific needs and maximizes the benefits for your organization.

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  • What types of machine learning development services do you offer?

    • We offer a wide array of machine learning development services to cater to diverse business needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes enabling Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analysis capabilities, Visual AI, developing and training machine learning models, and AI-ML based data analytics solutions. With our expertise in these areas, we strive to deliver tailored and effective machine learning solutions to drive business success.

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  • Can you explain how your AI ML services work and what the process entails?

    • Our AI ML services follow a systematic approach to deliver effective AI ML solutions for your business. The process begins with requirement gathering, where we gain a deep understanding of your business goals and specific needs. Next, we collect and prepare relevant data for analysis, ensuring its quality and suitability. We then proceed to model development, where we build and train machine learning models using the collected data. Rigorous testing and validation are conducted to evaluate the models’ performance and ensure their accuracy. Upon successful validation, we deploy and integrate the models into your existing systems or develop new applications tailored to your requirements. We don’t stop there – our services also encompass continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure the models perform optimally over time, making any necessary updates or improvements. Through this well-defined process, we strive to deliver reliable and efficient AI ML solutions for your business.

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  • How do you ensure the quality and accuracy of your machine learning development services?

    • We prioritize quality and accuracy in our machine learning development services. We follow industry best practices and employ rigorous testing and validation methods throughout the development process. Our teams of experienced engineers meticulously analyze and preprocess the data, carefully select and train appropriate machine learning models, and perform extensive testing and validation to ensure optimal performance. We also leverage techniques like cross-validation, ensemble models, and performance metrics to validate the accuracy and reliability of the developed models.

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  • What industries can benefit the most from your AI ML services?

    • Our AI ML services are applicable to a wide range of industries. Virtually any industry that deals with large amounts of data can benefit from AI ML solutions. Some industries that can particularly benefit from our services include:

      • Healthcare: AI ML services can aid in medical diagnostics, drug discovery, patient monitoring, and personalized healthcare.
      • Finance: AI ML services can assist in fraud detection, risk assessment, algorithmic trading, and customer analytics.
      • Retail and eCommerce: AI ML services can optimize inventory management, personalize recommendations, and enhance customer experiences.
      • Manufacturing: AI ML services can improve production efficiency, predictive maintenance, and quality control.
      • Transportation: AI ML services can optimize logistics, route planning, predictive maintenance, and demand forecasting.

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