Cultivating Growth, Inspiring Excellence

Sigma believes that a competent and skilled workforce is absolutely essential for the growth and success of the organization. Highly skilled people not only deliver better value for the customers, but also derive immense work satisfaction.

Sigma, through a well-established Learning and Development (L&D) department facilitates Technical, Processes, and Soft-Skills based training as per the request of employees themselves, recommendations from their leaders, and inputs from Sigma’s growth plan and future needs.

Some of the Training Facilitated and Conducted by Sigma L&D

Sigma Sponsored Certifications –

  • Funded by the organization, these help you get a formal recognition of your strength.

Customized Training Plan –

  • Each individuals is unique, and you too are; and so must be the training for you. Sigma understands this and hence many a time, we conduct person specific training based. All you need to do is approach your manager and L&D with specific need.

Yearly Training Plan –

  • Sigma focuses on structured and futuristic training for employees a year in advance at the time of joining. It covers technical, soft-skills and process-oriented training, including the domain in which the person is identified to work.

Learning Management Systems for Freshers –

  • Sigma has implemented a unique one-year plan for employees who have no formal work experience in any professional organization. It addresses technical, soft-skills, processes, and culture orientation aspects of working in technically strong organization. If you are one of such persons, this will help  you to quickly scale up and reduce the gaps in the skills.

In-house Workshops –

  • Sigma conducts offline workshops, which follow the Case-Study based approach of learning. This approach is considered to be most effective across the world, and many great management institutes facilitate learning that way. It helps you to not only go through challenging situations someone else faced and resolved, but also debate and discuss you viewpoints, making learning an enriched and personal experience for you in a short duration.

Opportunities to contribute –

  • If you have flavor to train others or the desire to contribute to the society by way of grooming others, Sigma provides you platform and complete support to help you achieve this noble goal. Get yourself nominated as a Faculty and leave the rest to L&D department.

Masters of Management

“Good Management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them”

Manager, the most important asset of any organisation, needs to be skilled and strategically oriented. They are the most critical people to get the routine and important tasks accomplished by the team. It requires one to be skilled in various human as well as technical fronts. To make the Managers well equipped with knowledge, resources and technology, we have initiated “Masters of Management Program.”

The Program is for a total duration of three months. There are four important pillars – Organisation, Client, Project and Team and hence the entire gamut of the program revolves around these pillars only. Fortnightly there are sessions which have content revolving around these topics and interactions with senior managers sharing their real time experiences and learnings is an icing on the cake. This program aims at developing the intellect with the help of experiential learnings which will not only bring a new mindset to think and act but will also be a game changer for many of them. This program is beneficial to those having a long experience in management – one gets self-satisfaction by sharing the skills with others.

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