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Future Ready JavaScript frameworks with components-based web development

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Sigma Product Engineering Services - Angular React Vue Comparison Featured Reading Time: 4 minutes
Sigma Product Engineering Services - Angular React Vue Comparison

JavaScript popularity continues to rise and at this stage, it is used on both client-side and server-side. Various JavaScript frameworks are used to design amazing interfaces, enriched web apps with numerous features, modifying web pages in real time and much more. JavaScript is one of the most loved frameworks to develop apps packed with powerful features and enhanced user experience.

What is component-based web development?

Components-based web development is a new theme circling the front-end web development scene these days. This new style focuses on creating some small and self-contained components that can be strung together to build a full-featured user interface (UI). This system is not based on a new idea but in recent years, the JavaScript frameworks have made it feasible to build an entire front-end using these components.

The rise of JS Frameworks

The javascript frameworks in the last couple of years have really established themselves in the Web developer mainstream by adding extremely wide range uptake that happened quickly. With the rise of javascript framework, all the developers which were earlier hesitant to use such complex developments are now willing to jump in headfirst.

JavaScript frameworks have also raised the bar for all other frameworks making it the new touchstone for any sort of development for all rich client-side applications.

Some of the most popular frameworks in use are:

Angular Js

Angular JS has had a long reign as the most popular JavaScript development framework. It is to be noted that it is often referred to as an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework and among the top benefits, for startups and mid-sized companies, quick code production, easy testing of any app part and two-way data binding. Angular 2 allows the business organizations to build web applications with a set of all new features that encapsulate all the style and function required for a certain feature to work. This not only allows development on the web rather on mobile devices as well.

Top websites and web apps developed using Angular framework

angular examples

React Js

React components implement a render method that forms the letter V in MVW for Angular js. The term V stand for view and the same is the function of React.js i.e. to process data and to decide what to view or what to show in such development for a business organization. This helps in putting up a superior performance as a components-oriented framework.

Top websites and web apps developed using React framework

react examples

Vue JS

Vue.js has its defining mantra, “the progressive JavaScript framework”. This framework encourages you to incrementally adopt Vue components into your app’s UI as per the requirement. It is loved the most by the developers due to faster learning curve in order to build high- end applications.

Top websites and web apps developed using Vue framework

Vue examples

 A comparative study of Angular vs React vs Vue

Technology Angular React Vue
Developer Google Facebook OpenSource
Technology type Full-fledged MVC framework written in JavaScript JavaScript library
(View in MVC; requires Flux to implement architecture)
JavaScript library
Concept Brings JavaScript into HTML
Works with the real DOM
Client-side rendering
Brings HTML into JavaScript
Works with the virtual DOM
Server-side rendering
Uses HTML-based templates that makes it much easier to progressively migrate existing applications.
Data binding Two-way data binding One-way data binding Both one-way and two-way data binding, with its one-way data binding mode being the default state
Dependencies Manages dependencies automatically Requires additional tools to manage dependencies Manages dependencies automatically
Language JavaScript + HTML JavaScript + JSX JavaScript + HTML-based templates
Last version AngularJS 1.6.0 RC2 React 15 Vue v2.5.17
Suits best Best for SPAs that update single view at a time Best for SPAs that update many views at a time Best for medium-sized SPAs that require faster development.


Future of components-based web development

As per the age-old trend in technology, every invention ends up sorting itself out and building on top of the previous generation to extend new functionality, we’re in for a rough ride for this next iteration of frameworks.

One cannot simply select the right JavaScript framework considering the features that each can offer. It depends on initial company goals, project requirements, general framework functionality and how it can be applied to each particular case. When it comes to quick web development or prototyping, JavaScript frameworks are among the most favorable and 2018 won’t become an exception. These frameworks and libraries have already reshaped the way how JS collaborates with HTML and CSS to compile views in browsers and on native platforms.