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Reasons to Choose Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development in 2020

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Reasons to choose magento 2 for ecommerce development in 2020 Reading Time: 4 minutes

In this tech-savvy time, thinking to be successful without having an online presence is the biggest mistake any retailer can make. Statistics have now and then proved that the audience across the globe loves to shop online rather than manually visiting the stores due to various reasons. So, if you want to be a successful e-commerce owner, there should be no second thought about owning an online e-commerce store.

A right platform is required to build a responding e-commerce store. And, among all the platforms available, Magento has emerged to be the best. It is the latest version Magento 2 which has become a favorite of all the successful online e-commerce stores globally. Let’s take a look at the reasons which makes Magento 2 the first choice of all the e-commerce owners:

1. It is an Open Source Platform
The best part of the Magento 2 platform is that it is an open source e-commerce platform which allows the owners to build an amazing and attractive storefront by integrating the extensions. Magento 2 offers a plethora of extensions, widgets, templates, etc. to make the e-commerce store one of the best stores.

2. It Offers Numerous Customizations and Tools
Magento 2 offers various customization facilities which meet the requirements of the users which other platforms sometimes fail to provide. Various tools like Google Analytics, Big Commerce Analytics, and Inspect Let, etc. can be easily integrated with the Magento 2. All these tools help in easily managing the product pages, adding of Metadata, tracking of product availability, sales, shipping, etc.

3. It is easy to Assemble
Even though there are many options to access the database like NoSQL, the integration of the data is still a problem for many e-commerce stores. But, with the Magento 2 platform, this integration can be quickly done by the owner using a third party tool. Cloud services too can be used while integrating the data. Magento 2 solves the problem of data integrating simply and quickly.

4. A Boon for Developers and Store Owners
Magento 2 supports both OOP and MVC architecture, giving a choice to the developers to choose from according to the specific needs of the user. This feature enables the developers to develop an optimal user interface and show their programming skills. Magento 2 also offers easy to use facilities for the developers to build web pages. So, this makes the platform easy to use.

5. Provides Application Programming Interface for Inventory Management
Inventory management is a core requirement for the robust functioning of an e-commerce store. Streamlining of the inventory management, synchronization with the content development and sales campaigns and continuous updating and reviewing are vital for the e-commerce firms. With the Magento 2 API routines, protocols and tools can be set, and the inventory too can be managed easily. One can also create stock lists using a code scanning device.

6. Comes with a Digital Marketing Assistant
Magento 2 being an open source e-commerce platform offers SEO, Meta tags, keyword suggestions, sitemaps, URL suggestion, etc. for optimizing the e-commerce store. Magento 2 is loaded with in-built digital marketing assistant which assists the owners to manage the traffic and navigate across business strategies for agile course correction. All the optimization features offered by the Magento 2 has helped the e-commerce owners to rank their store online among the best ones and become a famous e-commerce store among the audience.

7. It Enables Advanced Search
As the customers are getting tech-savvy and smarter with every passing day and use the search feature extensively. This makes it essential to have filtered and faceted search on the online store. Magento 2 comes with an advanced search facility which makes it easy for the customers to discover products and services irrespective of the size of the store.

8. Makes the Website Mobile Friendly
Almost every person is having access to his/ her smartphone or tablet 24*7, and with the easy access to the Internet, people surf internet throughout the day and therefore, it becomes crucial for the e-commerce owners to optimize their store for the mobile devices. Magento 2 offers amazing mobility functions to its clients to keep them ahead of the competitors. One can easily zoom in and zoom out, drag and drop, slide an e-commerce platform developed using Magento platform. These features make Magento 2 stand out from the rest of the platforms when it comes to the development of mobile-friendly websites.

9. It Provides Security
Talking about providing security to the e-commerce platform, Magento 2 provides security of high level to the e-commerce stores. It now comes with five folders in the root directory which makes it less vulnerable to the cyber-attacks. This ensures that a secure e-commerce store gets developed.

10. Streamlined Checkout
Having a hassle-free checkout process is very important to have for a high conversion rate. Customers want a quick checkout process which can get them the product they want quickly. Magento 2 comes with a streamlined checkout process that easily curtails shopping cart rate efficiently.
With the rising challenges in the online business, it is important for the e-commerce stores to equip themselves with the arsenal features to meet the expectations of the customers. Magento 2 provides flexibility, security, advanced shopping experience, and some other distinguishing features to increase the conversion rate of the e-commerce store.

11. Wider outreach
Magento 2 supports multiple languages and currencies so that you can do business all over the world. There are many shipping options available, hence there isn’t any trouble in this aspect too.

12. Run multiple websites on the same backend
Yes, you read that right. You can host and manage multiple websites using the same back end. It will be very beneficial if you want to have different stores for different countries or for any other purpose. Each one will have a different domain name, data, and configuration. However, you can manage the main configuration of all the stores using the default configuration.

13. Highly compatible
Magento 2 is easily compatible with the latest versions of PHP, Zend framework, and databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc. Thus, it won’t create any major hurdles while developing the website using Magento 2.