How a small businesses can optimize their Magento Commerce store after launch

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How a small businesses can optimize their Magento commerce store after launch - post image Reading Time: 4 minutes
How a small businesses can optimize their Magento commerce store after launch - post image

It is not so easy for small businesses to launch a new e-commerce platform in order to boost their sales. Magento commerce, built on modern platform technologies, modular code base, new architecture and development practices is in itself optimized to meet the growing business demands and sales.  Not only this, it is cost effective and its simplified dashboard makes it easier for you to handle the platform. Magento commerce provides various opportunities to Small-scale businesses to optimize their store for business growth.

Regular Content update to drive Traffic

Adding content regularly will drive traffic to your site. Search Rankings will be improved also leading to increase in ROI.

  • Delete all irrelevant contents as this affects the SEO rankings of the site.
  • Update the contents relevant to your business. Short contents can be consolidated into multiple long ones as these gain higher rankings than the short ones.
  • Links in the site should be checked regularly and updated in order to prevent redirecting to 404 error page. Broken links have a negative effect on search engine rankings.

Email Marketing

Follow up Email – Your updates to the site may not be known to the customers as they may not be visiting the site regularly and you may be losing the customers eventually. Magento commerce offers extensions which keep the customers updated via email. These extensions can be customized as well to meet the business needs.

Grow Lifetime Value of Customers with Reward Program

You can retain your customers and grow their lifetime value with Magento commerce loyalty rewards program extension which can even be customized as per your business needs. The customers can be rewarded on making purchases, registration, social sharing, reviews, referrals and many more. Another way of Reward program can be the coupon based like $x coupon for every $y spent. This way you can boost sales per customer, repeat sales frequency and improve average order value.

Product Reviews and Ratings

In today’s world, customers read online reviews before making their purchase decision. You can drive more traffic to your site with the user-generated content. Though Product Reviews are inbuilt in Magento commerce, there are various Reviews and Rating extensions available in Magento commerce which help stores earn customers trust from the valuable insights they get from the reviews.

Social Marketing

Social media platforms are the best ways to generate sales. It is very important to select the right platform to target the right potential customers. The number of active customers in social media is increasing rapidly. Most of the customers buy products after they see it in social feeds.

  • Add social share buttons to your Magento site. This will help the products being shared online which in turn will increase sales by driving traffic back to your site.
  • Integrate social extensions to allow the customers to directly login without spending time in registration process and place orders via the social network. Since most of the customers have the social account, it is easy for them to log in by clicking on the social account button.
  • Add Magento Social Extension which will provide more exposure to your business as it is a connection between your social page and website.

Engage with Mobile Customers

Nowadays mostly the customers perform all their day to day activities on mobile devices. Magento commerce is responsive by default but if you want to make changes to the design then make sure you use a responsive & easy to use the theme. Being mobile-friendly, not only increases the ranking of your website in search engines but also engage the customers by providing them with the rich shopping experience.

Optimize Checkout Process

In order to boost the sales along with increasing conversion rate, optimize the checkout process by Magento commerce One step checkout extension. With one step checkout extension, all the checkout process appears on a single page and it is easy for the customers to modify any step. It is not only fast and time saving but it also helps reducing the abandon cart and provides customer a better user interface.

Offer Live Chat and 24/7 support

Integrate live chat and 24/7 support in your Magento commerce website to provide a quality customer service. You can engage your customers by providing them quick answers via chat which in theprocess may close more sales.

Use Powerful Call to Actions

Using an effective call to actions may bring in more conversion rates and sales. Sometimes, the customers may want to purchase the product but find it difficult to do so and hence they will not return back to the store for future purchase. In order to solve this, create call-to-action phrases like “Buy Now”, “Place Order” and “View More”. With Call to Action buttons, the customers can go directly to their interested category leading to the better shopping experience.

From the above points, it can be concluded that Magento commerce provides exclusive features and tools that helps increase the conversion rate and accelerate the sales for small business with ease of use.