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Latest Blog Extensions For Magento Commerce That You Must Know

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Content is the king

Yes! In the present time of online marketing, content is the real king; creating and sharing which, help the companies reach out to a maximum target audience. Content marketing has become imperative in the present time as it is the simplest way to get noticed by the target audience and educate them about a company’s products and services. Keeping the importance of content marketing in mind, Magento Commerce allows integrating blog extensions for your website to help you stay ahead in the competition. Versatile Magento 2 blog extensions (provided they are integrated correctly) can immensely boost your web store efficiency since you can always tailor your blog content on the go, according to current customer needs and new eCommerce trends.

Here’s the list of the most powerful extensions to foster your blog functionality.

1. Landofcoder

Some of the distinct features that bring Landofcoder Blog Extension to this list are as follows

  • Multiple stunning layouts and styles.
  • Starts your blog in just 1 minute (isn’t it amazing?).
  • Integrated with the touch-optimized owl carousel.
  • Inbuilt SEO optimization for mobile and tablets. Easy to add Nickname, Avatar, Biographical information. You can even show/ hide the Author Profile. These are the new features added to the extension.
  • Integration with 14+ social media channels
  • A live editor to change font, size, background color, border color etc. It also gives the live preview of the post and allows you to schedule the postings.
  • Widget to show the “related posts” anywhere.
  • Ability to add like or dislike buttons.
  • Import blogs from the WordPress.
  • Support for multiple Magento stores and works fast with Magento Block Caching.

All these amazing features come with a membership of $68 for a whole year.

2. Mageplaza

This is another top-rated extension on Magento Commerce to viral the blogs on all the social media channels.


  • Integrate the Magento sitemap or the blog sitemap easily to optimize the blogs.
  • Improved UX i.e. layered navigation.
  • 100% free open source code.
  • Responsive design, SEO friendly and comes with a feature to optimize the RSS feed.
  • Supports multiple Magento stores.
  • Shows up the product recommendations: Frequently bought together, who bought this also bought this etc. that increases the sales and this feature makes Mageplaza desirable to be used as an extension.

3. MageFan

MageFan is extremely helpful in communicating with visitors or potential customers via e-mails and comments. Let’s take a look at the features with that this blog extension is packed with:

  • Generates blog post with the best writings, categories, and tags.
  • Supports Magento Commerce multi-stores.
  • Allows post searches and comes with different blog widgets to be used.
  • Includes XML sitemap, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and RSS Feed.
  • The extension is highly compatible with the Porto Theme for Magento 2.

4. Mirasvit

Mirasvit blog extension comes free of cost for all of us to be added to the Magento Commerce site. All you need to attract the visitors is a well-researched piece of content and related good images to make it more attractive. Below are some of the features of Mirasvit that may help you in popularizing your blogs:

  • Preview posts before publications or before saving the changes so that you don’t commit even a single mistake.
  • Add featured image to the posts and ability to pin the blog posts at the top.
  • SEO friendly posts and URLs.
  • Integrated with multi-level categories of store’s structure.
  • This free of cost Magento 2 blog extension even comes with a lifetime support which is missing with the MageFan extension.

5. Aheadworks

Aheadworks is one of the most loved extensions for the blogs by the Magento Commerce users. This extension is slightly on a bit expensive side but the features it is packed with makes it worth the price. Let us take a look at the drool-worthy features Aheadworks comes packed with:

  • A powerful content editor that includes all the essential writing and design tools to make the work easy.
  • SEO-friendly URL’s, sitemap and Metadata. A highly optimized content will definitely reach out maximum target audience.
  • Easy navigation of the content through tags, categories and sidebar blocks. One interesting and new feature of this extension is that it allows easy migration of the content from Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. Not only has it allowed easy migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 but also WordPress to Magento 2.

6. Amasty

Equip your store with Blog Pro for Magento 2 and benefit from flexible layout and responsive design of your blog pages. The extension is completely SEO-friendly so adding meta information will become a pleasure trip.

  • Customize responsive layout and blog design
  • Adjust blog posts display
  • Manage comments and let visitors share content
  • Utilize SEO-friendly blog pages
  • Use advanced content management tools
  • Fully optimized for mobile

All the amazing Amasty Blog extension features for Magento Commerce comes at a steep cost of $599 but if you need a blog with perfect user experience in mind, then this would be just perfect

All the above-mentioned extensions have been loved the most by different Magento Commerce (Enterprise Edition) users from all over the world. These extensions will help in making your piece of content viral on social media but the real hero is the content. So, spend a good time on researching and collecting real facts about the topic and make it interesting to engage the readers.