Ways to Enhance Your B2B Capabilities with Magento

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B2B Capabilities with Magento Reading Time: 4 minutes
B2B Capabilities with Magento

To a surprise, 93 percent of the business-to-business buyers prefer to buy online and communicate directly with the vendors. In the present digital world, where the marketplace is crowded with B2B e-commerce website, buyers expect seamless online experience and account management just like B2C. With the companies focusing on personalizing the customer experience, it is important to meet the buyers’ requirements to stay ahead of the competitions.

According to research from Frost and Sullivan, B2B e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020.

Magento has been the favorite platform for all the B2B organizations worldwide and even powers some of the global best brands. Magento has always upgraded its features according to the demands of the customers. However, unlike B2C, in case of B2B market, there is a roster of challenges present at every step of the development of the business-to-business website. Therefore, Magento has been introducing enhanced functionalities with B2B time and now and, the latest introduction by Magento to the array of its products and services offered is- the Magento Commerce Cloud. It is a robust B2B module that provides plenty of new B2B features and also provides numerous of opportunities for the Magento platform. Let’s take a look at the ways by which B2B experience can be enhanced:

Multi-Channel Capabilities
Magento’s Cloud edition enables its customers to manage different e-commerce brands across any geographical area. It comes with a feature of custom branding that can be used to manage a diversified set of brands.

Custom Price List and Catalog
Another core feature that is provided by the Magento Commerce Cloud is its ability to enable the users to create customized catalogs and price lists. This feature enables the users to target content and promote the services to specific segments. It also gives customized payment options to maximize sales and support on payments to be made through credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment methods.

Corporate Account Management
Magento’s new addition allows its users to undertake a more specific customer-centric approach. It enables the users to create a customizable organizational structure. Not only this, it allows the users to perform the below-mentioned actions:

    1. • Control the access of Admin to certain parts of the Magento store.
    1. • Based on customer groups, it allows its users to apply different payment restrictions.
    1. • Different types of shipping and payment options can be offered to customers and groups.
    1. • Enhances the overall customer experience and increases the productivity, Magento 2 backend allows its users to integrate several third-party platforms.

Quick Ordering
One of the most remarkable improvements that Magento 2 cloud comes is its different and quick ordering feature. It allows the buyers to quickly place orders online by uploading CSV files, by entering SKUs, by copying past orders or by simply choosing items from the pre-set requisition lists. This has given a boost to the sales of its current users by providing fast and convenient purchasing options. The sales team can also help and assist customers in buying products online by creating orders on their behalf and can even quickly respond to online quote requests using a full set of quote management tools.

Improve Bulk Order
The improved version of Magento comes with a robust order interface that streamlines the ordering process for the buyers and also, boosts the recurring purchases with swift re-orders. The users can further streamline the bulk order by bulk pricing tiers, per unit cost and discounts based on the order size.

Enhances Order Management Routine
Magento Commerce cloud allows its users to manage orders with a single solution over all the channels. Here are a few ways in which the Magento users can benefit from this feature:
• Enables the customers to make bulk purchases from the catalog without visiting the product pages.
• Enables to negotiate price and manage the quotes.
• It enables the customers to buy goods based on their type of subscriptions.
• Easy export of the order data to third-party platforms.
• Seamless exchange of the quotes with the customers is offered by the Magento Commerce Cloud. One can review the requests of the customers, accept or deny them even.

Smart Inventory Management
The enhanced version of the Magento provides the customers with accurate and real-time inventory from the supply chain. It uses automated business rules to optimize the fulfillment costs and delivery times. The business clients of the Magento users can easily manage their inventory, from drop-shipping to scheduled delivery.

Effortless Business System Integrations
Magento is the most flexible platform that comes with robust API’s and off-the-shelf extensions which make integration of the current backend system seamless with it. There are many e-commerce specific extensions and customized systems included in the Magento global community of developers which gives its users faster promotions at the lowest total cost of ownership.

With all these features, Magento provides its users with the best of its functionalities for the B2B market. These features have helped many B2B businesses expand their niche and boost their sales. Magento Commerce Cloud is the best option to invest in to increase the capabilities of your B2B store.

There are many companies that offer seamless integration of the B2B module to your business to streamline business functionalities and reap its benefits. All you need is to find the right Magento Development Company to strike a deal with. At Sigma, we have an expert team who develop robust B2B Magento e-commerce solutions which are flexible and cloud-based leveraging complete Magento B2B e-commerce solutions.

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