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Get customary finest luxury menswear at revolutionary prices just with a click.

Sigma’s next generation web portal enables better user experience for the luxury retailer.

How can we rebuild our portal to cater to the latest technologies and be device agnostic?

Client Challenge

With e-commerce and m-commerce on the rise, retailers are looking at offering a consistent user experience to customers across platforms. The client’s e-commerce portal was not catering to the customer needs and was facing challenges in every activity – Order Placement, Billing, Delivery and Customer Info Capture among others. Data capture was incomplete and involved a lot of manual intervention., All the systems operated in silos. This called for building a new portal that would offer automation, partially resulting in saving of time, cost and efforts.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop a future ready e-commerce store. The Sigma team visited the client organization to better understand their requirements. The new portal would include the following features:

  • Android app forms running on a tablet which will sync and update Magento with the order details. This would also contain an option for the administrator to create new offline orders, edit orders, test online android forms and order syncing Magento.
  • Integration of Magento with ERP that can facilitate order details to be sent to ERP. It will also offer basic ERP features such as user roles, order processing and order tracking. This will help the client to use the ERP in real-time.
  • Implementation of additional ERP features such as basic procurement management, basic accounting integration, PO generation and order status details to Android and Magneto.
  • Reduction in manpower due to the automated system.
  • Generate different reports in open bravo.
  • The customer can place the order for customized garments on line.
  • The customer can save his/her profile online.
  • Result in savings in time, cost and efforts.
  • Customer measurement profile.
  • End beneficiary.
  • Styling modules for capturing styling information of the apparel.
  • Garment builder using magento, Android and open bravo.

Magento Community Version 1.8,  ERP implementation and Android.

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