Run and Accelerate the growth of your Magento store successfully with Sigma’s outstanding Magento Support and Maintenance services.

Sigma’s offering does not end at website designing and development; it is further extended to website maintenance and management. Whether it is new version updates, security patches, the addition of new features and extensions; our expert team ensures your Magento store stays up to date always.



Magento Site Performance Optimization

Site Performance Optimization

Magento New version upgrades

New version upgrades

Development of new features

Development of new features

Product data entry

data entry

Magento Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Magento security and backup

Magento security and backup

Why Hire us for Magento Support & Maintenance Services in India?

Sigma keeps client satisfaction as its focal point. Having an experience of more than a decade and handling numerous clients across the globe leaves no learning curve for our Magento development and maintenance team. At one point or the other, we have tackled almost all the issues. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us with a surety of getting it resolved in the shortest possible time.

Our goal would always be to increase your sales, optimize your site & conversion rates, and make your website work smoothly with our Magento support and maintenance services. Sigma offers expertise in the following fields:

Magento Upgrade Support

With the timely Magento releases, it is required to upgrade the eCommerce store accordingly to maintain the optimum health of the system. Our team constantly upgrades the website with new features.


Our development team adds alerting systems on your Magento stores ensuring the notifications pop-up if and when the store should experience an outage.

SEO Audits

Our team performs weekly SEO audits and recommends clients update the store according to the feedback received from the best SEO auditing tools in the industry.

We Cover the Whole Process Completely

Sigma provides all-encompassing services for Magento Commerce including designing, development, maintenance, and management.

Performance Management

We understand the importance of high performance of the eCommerce stores and to ensure this, we run page insight tools like Google page speed insights and more. The team updates the Magento store according to the feedback received by these tools.

Security Patches

Magento releases one or two Security Patches every month and our team ensures the installation of the same with your Magento Store to save the store from any cyber-attack.

We have Completed

50 ecommerce expert

12 industry served

102 projects maintained

100K hours of support


Improve your ROI with ongoing website support and maintenance. No Hidden Cost!

Starting with just $400 per month, Sigma services can be extended and molded as per your requirements. Our proactive observation of your eCommerce website helps us fix the issue before it actually damages your business.


Only @ $400

Avail the Magento maintenance services of our dedicated developers for minimal tasks only @USD400/month and see how they transform your eCommerce store to another level.

Only @ $800

Avail the Magento maintenance services of our dedicated developers for moderately long tasks only @USD800/month and see amazing results on your Magento eCommerce store.

Only @ $1200

Avail the Magento maintenance services of our dedicated developers for long tasks only @ USD1200/month and feel the difference in your eCommerce website today!

Magento Maintenance Packages

Task Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Magento Minor Version Upgrades Upto 1 upgrade per year Upto 2 upgrade per year Upto 3 upgrade per year
Magento Security Patches Upto 1 update per year Upto 1 update per year Upto 2 update per year
Bug Fixing Upto 2 per month
(not exceeding 5 hours per month)
Upto 3 per month
(not exceeding 8 hours per month)
Upto 4 per month
(not exceeding 10 hours per month)
Adding New Blog Upto 2 per month Upto 4 per month Upto 4 per month
Updating Images Upto 6 images per month Upto 8 images per month Upto 10 images per month
Minor Page Design Changes Upto 1 per month Upto 2 per month Upto 4 per month
Menu Updates Upto 2 per quarter Upto 4 per quarter Upto 6 per quarter
Third party Extension Installation Upto 1 per year Upto 2 per year
Any Third party Extension Version Updates Upto 1 per year Upto 2 per year
Uptime Monitoring tick-ic tick-ic tick-ic
Competitive Analysis Report tick-ic
Project Manager tick-ic tick-ic
Deployment tick-ic tick-ic tick-ic
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Our Clients Vouch for Us

We have developed a great partnership with Sigma and their dedication to our website is evident to all the aspects of the site. We appreciate their quick turnaround, customer service-oriented approach, and overall project management skills.

Mary Wells

VP Marketing, ASG Technologies

The Sigma team was amazing to work with. They were very patient and accommodating with me due to my lack of programming knowledge and time zone difference. I could tell their goal was to make me happy and deliver me the site I have always wanted.

Gary Greaser

Owner, Buried Treasure Fossils

Our webshop has been live for a while. Congratulations on the completion of the building of the TFL Web Order. I know how much time and efforts you all put into the designing of the solution, and I really appreciate the advice and attention you brought to the project. Thank you so much to the Sigma team for all the support and hard work. धन्यवाद!

Bahlinger Audrey

Global SAP Service Manager, TFL Group

It's been a pleasure working with the Sigma team. I've been impressed with the work and discipline the team has shown. Sigma has made a huge difference to NPP and has really been a stabilizing force. While it was a very difficult decision to move on - it was a little easier for me to do so by knowing that the company is in good hands with the outsourced partners NPP does business with, Sigma being chief among them.

Kamran Jafri

Chief Operating Officer & CIO, NPP

Hiring Sigma was a gamechanger for our company. Our efficiency and productivity increased dramatically. Sigma has great communication and performs work that meets the standard we are looking for.
Highly recommended!

Wesley Coleman

Executive Vice President, Excel Health

Sigma is the only team I would recommend to anyone looking to move [or improve] their ecommerce website. Their flexibility made our custom development requests pain-free and easy! Sigma was able to re-platform our website in a timely fashion and turn the ecommerce channel of our business into a meaningful, revenue-producing machine. I wouldn’t even want to imagine working with any other agency.

Connor Vogt

E-Commerce Manager, KELLY & HAYES

Our experience working with Sigma Infotech has been overwhelmingly successful and we are impressed by the technical knowledge of their developers. The expertise in improving our Magento website and solving complexities has allowed us to grow considerably as an organization. We wish them success in their future endeavors.

Gurpreet Singh

Sr. Manager, ChessBazaar


  • Why do you need Magento Support and Maintenance Services in India?

    • Magento support and maintenance services help your online business with a next-generation customer experience and deliver your customers more than they expect to get. Our Magento support service in India empowers companies to outperform incredibly. Recent studies suggest that almost 89% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they’ve experienced poor customer service. Magento support and website maintenance services improve customer satisfaction and help your business with customer retention.

      Looking for a trusted partner offering Magento website maintenance in India? Feel free to contact us at

  • Which version of Magento, Open Source or Commerce/Cloud, is suitable for my B2B website?

    • Magento Commerce/Cloud is a one-stop-shop for B2B businesses taking the shift from brick-and-mortar to online stores. Magento Commerce/Cloud offers rapid and cost-effective innovation; the platform combines rich out-of-the-box functionalities, enterprise performance to scale, and powerful business tools to keep you ahead of increasingly complex eCommerce operations and growing customer demands with a trusted Magento website maintenance and Magento database maintenance partner. Sigma Infosolutions as a trusted partner for Magento maintenance services in India ensures amazing outcomes for businesses looking to excel every single moment with Magento website maintenance, Magento 2 maintenance, and Magento database maintenance services.


      Looking for a trusted partner offering Magento website maintenance in India? Feel free to contact us at

  • For my upcoming B2C startup, which option is more suitable, Magento Open Source or Commerce/Cloud?

    • Magento open-source is the license-free version of Magento that offers all the basic features needed to run an eCommerce store, which makes it more accessible for startups and small businesses. If you are planning to launch a new B2C startup online, you should opt for Magento open-source, and when your business needs and budget grows, either get the customization done through additional extension/custom development or upgrade to Magento Commerce/Cloud with custom Magento 2 Maintenance Page.

      To serve the evolving needs of your business, you might need a trusted partner offering Magento maintenance services in India to leverage the ongoing opportunities!

      Feel free to contact us at for more details on our Magento website maintenance services in India for your growing B2C startup.

  • Will there be a dedicated Project Manager assigned for support related to my Magento website?

    • Yes, Sigma offers outstanding Magento support services in India with in-house experts having vast experience and knowledge from more than 12 industries to rapidly correct issues and help you constantly improve your online store. Our experts deliver rigorous Magento store maintenance that improves your ROI with ongoing Magento support service in India. We are the trusted Magento maintenance company, ensuring the way we are about to grow together.

      To learn more about our Magento maintenance services in India, feel free to contact us at

  • What additional services do you provide for my website?

    • Sigma offers a comprehensive range of eCommerce website maintenance packages to keep your website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly so that you can concentrate on what matters most for your business success. At Sigma, with Magento maintenance services, we actively contribute to our clients to outperform their rivalry with over a thousand popular Magento maintenance extensions. With our Magento support services in India, we enable our clients to offer improved customer experiences on their Magento eCommerce stores and websites.

      To learn more about our add-on services and Magento support service in India, please feel free to contact us at

  • What is the turnaround time for implementing changes during website maintenance?

    • This will completely depend on the gravity of your online business and the amount of Magento store maintenance needs that you might have. The honest answer to your question will be Magento maintenance services can take anything from a few minutes a month to full-time Magento support.

      To learn more about our Magento maintenance services in India and our turnaround time, feel free to contact us at

  • How can I initiate Magento Maintenance Services for my website?

    • Sigma offers a comprehensive range of eCommerce website maintenance packages to get started with Magento maintenance services, which start from $400 to transform your eCommerce store to another level to $1200 for feeling the difference in your eCommerce website today!

      To learn more about our Magento maintenance services in India, feel free to reach us at

  • What is the process for requesting additional support or customizations for my website?

    • Today, businesses with digital footprints that support customization and personalization already have a significant competitive edge. We at Sigma, offer end-to-end solutions based on the client’s requests for additional Magento maintenance support and/or website customization to deliver astonishing customer experience for your online store.

      If you want to explore more on “How we can help your online store with additional Magento maintenance support and/or website customization”, feel free to drop your query at

  • Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my website maintenance plan?

    • Yes. Sigma’s website maintenance offerings are a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade or downgrade at any point in time. As your business grows, you may want to take advantage of the advanced features, and Sigma makes it easy for you to proactively upgrade your store. The changed website maintenance plan will be effective from the next billing cycle.

      If you are interested in the upgrade or downgrade of your website and want to learn more about our Magento support plan in India, please reach out to us at


“If you have any general or pre-sale questions about the support package, email us on or fill up the “Connect with us” form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

You are free to acquire Additional Package Hours if your requirements are comprehensive such as feature development, optimization, code review, integration services, and customized modifications”.

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