Algolia is a Search-as-a-Service API and its Search APIs are trusted by the world’s leading SAAS companies across the globe. The platform focuses on delivering the best-in-class experience with long-term growth & scalability for the end-users. Using Algolia Search and Algolia Recommend platforms for your eCommerce store will enable you to quickly predict a visitor’s intent on your digital channels (web, mobile, or other) in real-time, even with limited inputs.

Why Algolia

  • Create Leading eCommerce Experience: Algolia’s Search APIs enable you to analyze search data better and help in understanding your customers’ behavior while browsing your site. You can easily find loopholes in your offerings with insights into what your customers are searching for.
  • Core Tech Focused: The AI-powered search, discovery, and recommendations enable users to easily recover files, contacts, events, or any object within your product via Algolia’s Search APIs. It offers a highly secure, reliable, and scalable platform to modern eCommerce businesses.
  • Advance Search & Discovery: eCommerce stores can leverage Algolia’s search expertise to enable their customers and employees to find the right products, content, and information easily. Algolia’s Search APIs help you create rich & relevant content discovery experiences, drive user engagement, and increase revenue.
  • Seamless Integration: Algolia’s Search APIs deliver a seamless integration experience to eCommerce businesses and offers powerful discovery on unique reference catalogs. You can easily connect sellers and buyers with scalable, flexible search, discovery, and recommendation APIs.

Algolia Offerings

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