Image Engine

Webpage speed and load time is always a factor for website owners, especially for eCommerce business. Around $40 Billion Missed sale is due to the slow loading of the website. The Load time is directly related to sales conversion. The user’s acceptable load time is less than 5 seconds. An Image CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help to reduce the payload. That means it will help to improve the load time. ImageEngine CDN helps the businesses to make their web applications fast and lightweight by providing the Global CDN caching content with a geographically distributed network.
CDN caches the content to the nearest geographic location of the end-user from where he is requesting. In addition to this CDN like ImageEngine have Device Aware Edge service, Image optimization, and much more.

Features of ImageEngine

  • ImageEngine’s device-aware technology, perfectly optimizes images without any chnage to your existing development environment.
  • Globally distributed CDN network form cathing the content.
  • Reduce the Latency drasticall and manage the spike traffic
  • ImageEngine helps to apply a different compression rate of image based on the user device PPI.
  • ImageEngine has modern image management capabilities like convert to WebP, JPEG-2000, Convert Animated GIF to MP$/aWebP in the supported devices.
  • URL based derivative to override the automated decision made by the Image Engine.
  • Easy to integrate with any platform which supports a CDN.
  • Delivers Images through HTTP/2 Protocol to improve the performance.
  • Automatic responsive image optimization.

Why do we need image CDN?

  • The website is slow.
  • If a large percentage of the webpage content is image.
  • The website is large with thousand of images.
  • The website is used by customers across the globe.
  • If the website is an eCommerce of dynamic website with frequently changing of updating content.

Benefits of image CDN?

  • TUp to 80% smaller image payload
  • Faster page load
  • Higher search engine rank
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Low Bounce rate

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