Klevu’s is an AI and NLP-powered discovery suite which delivers on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Product Recommendations, and Personalization to enable eCommerce stores to offer seamless shopping experiences powered by real-time shopper intent. Their proprietary product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion, and loyalty, and reduces bounce rates for eCommerce websites. Klevu is easy to configure, optimize, and maintain eCommerce solutions for online stores and fully integrates with major eCommerce platforms in just hours.

Why Klevu

  • Offers Seamless Product Discovery Suite: Klevu is the only solution suite of its kind to offer an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to use data from search and includes a range of solutions to balance AI and strategic control. Being API driven and ultra-flexible for integration and customization, Klevu is easy to install and compatible with all eCommerce platforms.
  • AI-Enabled Site Search Feature: Klevu combines leading AI technologies like linguistics (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning to deliver exciting results for each individual user in real-time. It helps your eCommerce store deliver an outstanding customer experience at the best market price with best-of-breed technologies.
  • Brings Technology and Strategy Together: With Klevu’s Smart Category Merchandising tool, online stores can combine rich insights from site-wide search, navigation, purchases, and the customer’s current session with strategic business goals at ease. Klevu helps eCommerce store owners to bring magic into their products and offerings with a hyper-relevant discovery experience for end customers.
  • Smart Product Recommendations: Their smart product recommendation engine powered by true shopping intent from search empowers your online store to display hyper-relevant products and improves further conversions with each click, search query, and purchase.

Klevu’s Capabilities

klevu capabilities

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