Our agile and cross-functional teams specialize in developing outstanding web, mobile, and cloud-based business applications that cater to diverse needs, regardless of their complexity. Our focus lies in delivering applications that are not only flexible and secure but also capable of fast integration and speedy performance. We deliver customized solutions and API integration services to help businesses connect their applications to other software systems, websites, and mobile applications. With our proven methodologies, EAI services, and microservices-based app development approach, we can swiftly release features that meet your specific requirements, while ensuring that your applications are scalable and user-friendly.

At Sigma, we are committed to delivering high-quality application development services that meet the needs of our clients.

Why Sigma for Application Development?

At Sigma, our specialized development teams have extensive knowledge across various technology stacks, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge application development services to clients like you. Our approach is highly collaborative and results-driven, as we aim to create consumer-facing or B2B applications that drive increased business revenue. Here are several reasons why Sigma is the top choice for businesses seeking application development services:

ISO Certified

A TUV Certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Company

Industry Experience

15+ years of industry experience

Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models that fits best for you and your customer needs.

Dedicated Team

An exclusive team of certified and skilled professionals with extensive experience

Support & Maintenance

Ensure lower maintenance cost, high agility, and better user experience with our scalable end solution throughout the application development process

Best Quality

Our experts ensure rigorous quality assurance testing before going live

Customer Satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction scores. 82% of revenue is repeat business from existing clients.

Application Development Offerings

Web Development Services

Sigma is a provider of application development services that specializes in crafting well-designed, user-friendly, and speedy apps for both external and internal users. With a wealth of experience in UX and UI design, as well as proficiency in a range of architecture patterns and technology stacks, Sigma is the go-to choice for top-notch app development solutions. At Sigma, we provide comprehensive web application development services that cover every aspect of the development process, from design and prototyping to building and migration to new web architecture. Our commitment to excellence means that we only build apps that are secure, scalable, and responsive, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible results.


Mobile App Development Services

Sigma offers a comprehensive range of Mobile app design, integration, and management services that cater to both consumer and enterprise needs. Our hands-on approach ensures that clients are guided through every phase of the mobile app development process, from concept to delivery and post-launch support. Our offerings encompass native and cross-platform solutions; UI/UX design, automated QA and testing, power management, notification and geofencing; custom iOS and Android apps development; Hybrid app development; second platform app development; and maintenance and post-warranty support.


Custom Development Services

Custom software and application development involve designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining applications specifically for a particular group of users, functions, or organizations. These custom apps automate repetitive tasks to save time and increase productivity. At Sigma, we help organizations save on multiple applications-related risks from external threats by offering a distinct advantage over pre-packaged solutions, especially when looking to modernize business processes and drive digital transformation efforts. Our partnership enables you to leverage custom software or application development services that allow your business to build web and mobile applications tailored to your evolving needs.


SaaS Development Services

Sigma helps eCommerce businesses to create and launch robust SaaS applications that cater to their specific needs. Our certified and dedicated professionals thoroughly understand the requirements of businesses of all sizes when it comes to offering digital products and services globally. Our comprehensive method of SaaS development services ensures that all crucial elements for a successful SaaS solution are in place, including mobile and web applications, cloud hosting, APIs, and secure data storage. At Sigma, the SaaS development team utilizes cutting-edge software development techniques to swiftly deliver top-notch SaaS products, with a focus on both security and quality.

API Integration

Modern solutions are highly interdependent and require a consistent flow of diverse data. Application programming interfaces (APIs) play a critical role in facilitating these data transfers, ensuring they are secure, reliable, and efficient. At Sigma, we ensure your business has seamless access to critical information and data through secure API communication. Additionally, Sigma offers in-depth consultation services to help identify, develop, or evaluate your API integration needs. From your mobile apps and eCommerce store to your accounting systems, shipping fulfillment, ERP/CRM services, merchant payment services, POS retail, and support tickets, our team will ensure seamless communication and data transfer.


Enterprise App Integration (EAI) Services

Enterprise App Integration (EAI) Services involve connecting various software applications within an organization to ensure smooth data exchange and system functionality. With the rise of digital transformation, it has become increasingly important to integrate applications across different departments and systems to optimize business operations. EAI services offered by our team ensure seamless data flow across multiple platforms and systems, allowing organizations to consolidate data, streamline processes, and reduce manual efforts. Our EAI solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and we use a variety of integration tools and technologies to ensure that our clients’ existing software systems are compatible and work seamlessly with new applications. Our EAI services offer organizations a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance productivity and improve their bottom line.


Microservices-Based App Development Services

Microservices-Based App Development Services involve breaking down a large software application into smaller, more manageable components that are developed and deployed independently. This approach allows for greater flexibility, scalability, and resilience of the overall system, as each microservice can be updated or replaced without affecting the entire application. Our team of expert developers specializes in building microservices-based applications that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. We leverage a variety of tools and technologies to ensure seamless integration and communication between microservices, while also optimizing system performance and minimizing downtime. Our microservices-based app development services are designed to enable organizations to respond quickly to changing market demands, while also reducing the cost and complexity of maintaining their software applications.


Benefits of Our Application Development Service

Get straight to the heart of mobile and web application development! Leave the rest to us as we ensure top-notch security, seamless autoscaling, and efficient app workload distribution for your application.


Maximizing ROI

If you’re in need of a new application built from scratch or assistance in rescuing an underperforming application, we’re here to help. Our solutions provide options that aren’t available through pre-packaged software. By utilizing established development methodologies, tools, and managed services, our team of worldwide experts can help you speed up your time to market and minimize risk.


Agile Methodology

In today’s market, customers require faster, higher quality, and more reliable applications. Our Agile practice enables you to produce multi-platform applications with quicker iterations, speedier delivery times, and increased quality to meet these demands.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture

Our approach involves utilizing Microservices architecture, which divides the application into autonomous units based on business functions. This framework facilitates continuous deployment, enhances performance, and enables partial updates without the need for a complete stop.


Reactive Architecture

We also incorporate Reactive architecture, which enables the creation of adaptable and robust applications that gracefully manage live data, high user traffic, and multiple users while providing exceptional user experience through its remarkable responsiveness.


Latest Technology Stack

Our vast experience across industries and team of dedicated and certified developers enables you to access the latest technologies and tools for your high-quality, functional, and user-friendly application development needs.

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Our Clients Vouch for Us

Our company website is always growing and ever-changing; having a group of reliable and forward thinking programmers is a must for us. Sigma Infosolutions has always provided excellent customer service as well as prompt attention to our needs. Their expertise in programming has allowed our website to grow exponentially. We would recommend their services to anyone who wants to take their website to the next level.

Kim Suhay

Director, CCS

Kim Suhay
We are working with Sigma since couple of years and the experience has been awesome. They hold in-depth expertise to develop IT solutions based on evolving digital trends to accelerate businesses. We are in advanced stages of the project and counting on Sigma’s solution to enhance our operational efficiency further.

Lejo Mammen

Director for Information Systems, Lee and Associates

Lejo Mammen
Sigma Infosolutions has developed the website of International School of Management Excellence (isme.in) website and has been maintaining our website from over the last 6 years. I have found the team at Sigma extremely professional, talented, and delivery oriented. They excel in project management and ability to deliver complex technical requirements.

Nitin Garg

Founder Director, ISME

Nitin Garg


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