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When people shop for style and fashion products whether it is apparel, shoes or accessories it is most important that your brand stands out uniquely and also connects with the shoppers . Amaze your customers and boost your revenue by providing the best shopping experiences delivered on Magento, the number one ecommerce platform that can also be easily customised to suit your unique business needs.

Magento | Style & Fashion

Create Outstanding Mobile Experiences

People are quite likely to interact with your site while they are on the go or In a store. With the responsive design and custom theme you can create outstanding web, tablet & mobile experiences for your customers. 53% more likely to visit your site while on the go, if it has an optimised mobile experience

Personalization to Boost Sales

The more you know about your Customers, the better is the connect you can establish with them.

With customer segmentation based on shopping behaviour and preferences you can easily deliver personalized offers and promotions. Create unique web templates customized for different customer groups to have ultimate shopping experiences personalized just for them. 35% higher revenue, if your lists, contents and offers are aligned with customer segments.

Enhancing Average Order Value

Targeted buying options like “shop the look” and “complete the look” functionality of Magento is ideal for any fashion store. With upselling, cross selling your products, offering bundled products etc. you can enhance the average order value by over 26%

Engaging Content

Based on customer profiles you can easily deliver personalized content, promotions, styles and pricing. With Magento it is super easy to build and test custom landing pages, create look-books, add images and videos as well as showcase products or specials or bundles.

Faster Management of Merchandise

Easy to find content directly impacts sales from new and returning shoppers. With the simple drag and drop interfaces, Product categories can be easily arranged to attract the attention of potential customers. You can also easily preview content and make changes to make it perfect for your shoppers.

Sigma | Style & Fashion

Custom Development

Sigma can rapidly deliver custom experiences on the web, PWA, iOS, Android to let shoppers interact with your store the way “they” want. 70% of ecommerce traffic now is mobile traffic.

Flexible Infrastructure

Based on our experience with hundreds of stores, Sigma has designed a baseline infrastructure to accommodate low, medium & high volumes of traffic, along with a technology solution to scale-up infrastructure to handle massive spikes in visits during flash sales, holidays, peak seasons etc.

Custom UX

The customer experience is designed around the mobile user, with registrations based on mobile phone numbers rather than email, and products shown individually, rather than as a configured group.

Virtual try-on

Ground-breaking 3D fitting technology designed for online fashion stores, allowing customers to virtually try on Clothing pre-purchase. This is an almost must have feature in the current times of social distancing. 3X more store have this as compared to last 6 months.

Loyalty Programs
and Reward Points

Loyalty and Reward points functionality has been integrated into fashion commerce business to provide additional discounts, rewards and offers so that customers can come back and make repeated purchases. 33% more revenue from loyalty programs.

Shop a Look

Allow your customer to buy a complete matching fashion style. Enhance your chance of up selling and bulk deal.

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Case Studies

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