Advantages of Magento Certified Developers

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Advantages of Magento Certified Developer Reading Time: 4 minutes
Advantages of Magento Certified Developer

It has become a necessity for every business to have an effective presence online, which reduces the overall investment and results in increased sales. As a business owner, you would want the best platform to host your website and popularize your products and services. Out of all the platforms available in the market, Magento has received maximum love from the businesses of all sizes due to its robustness, simplicity, open-source quality, a wide range of features and much more.

Talking about developing an e-store, it may sound easy to develop one using Magento platform as it is an open-source platform but, it is certainly not that easy. With so many e-commerce stores giving cut-throat competition, it is very difficult to grab the attention of the online audience. Therefore, taking help from competent and experienced Magento developers to develop universal e-store is a better way. Magento certified developers have the right knowledge, technical staff to offer the best solutions while developing an e-commerce store. Let’s delve a little deeper into what all benefits Magento certified developers have over other designers:

Types of Magento Certifications

Magento certification is available in below-mentioned distinct categories:

1. Magento 2 Certified Frontend Developer
2. Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist
3. Magento 2 certified associate developer
4. Magento 2 certified professional developer
5. Magento 2 certified professional developer plus
6. Magento 2 certified professional javascript developer
7. Magento certified professional cloud developer

Most commonly E-commerce managers, Account Managers, Consultants, Data Analysts, and Project Managers are the ones who get these certifications. These Magento certified developers carry comprehensive knowledge about the entire e-commerce process and are aimed at non-technical roles that are integral to the success of an e-commerce store. Now, let us take a look at benefits which companies can have after taking help from Magento certified developers to develop the online store.

Benefits of Deploying Magento Certified Developers in the Company

There are some definite benefits of getting the e-store developed using Magento certified developers over the store developed by freelancers or by agencies. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

• Knows the complete process of development in detail

Magento being an open-source platform, can be used by anyone to develop an e-commerce store but still, Magento has its own set of codes and best practices to develop an e-commerce store which are well-known to the certified developers. These developers know the best way to integrate business practices into the website and make decisions in the coding level. Using Magento certified team to develop the store would ensure efficient and clean code development, security and easy upgrades in the future.

• Integrates the best extension according to the requirements

As Magento certified developers carry detailed knowledge of the platform and gets involved in the development process in the initial stages, they develop a high-end performing e-commerce store. These developers suggest and integrate the best-fit integrations to the e-store. Magento integrations hold great importance in developing a great website and Magento certified developers help in developing the same.

• Pays attention to the optimization of the website

Magento certified developers are well known to the techniques of optimizing the website and develop an SEO friendly website. The websites developed by certified developers have better UI and UX and are easily ranked well by Google’s search engine as well. These websites can also be optimized easily in the future.

• Saves money

Getting the e-commerce store developed by a freelancer is definitely cheaper as compared to the online e-commerce store developed by a Magento certified developer but, this saves money in the long run. Once the e-commerce store gets ready by the expert developers, hiring of other developers to find out bugs, or redo the e-commerce store or fix any other issue is not required. So, hiring a Magento certified developer to develop the website saves money in the long run.
After knowing the benefits of hiring Magento certified developers, let’s take a look at the difference in ways of development of the e-commerce store developed by Magento certified designers and other designers.

Difference between e-store developed by Magento certified developers and other designers

Other Designers Magento Certified Designers
These designers usually don’t get involved in the entire project These designers get involved in the project since the very beginning
The designers are not always available for the front end discussions The certified designers are always available for all kind of discussions with the development team on the project
Usually, after the delivery of the developed store, these designers are not available for providing any assistance The certified designers work alongside the development team and assist if any future help is required.

After knowing the benefits of hiring Magento certified developers, there should be no reason for not hiring them. Business owners wanting to own an e-commerce store with the latest features, extensions, modules, and customization options, Magento platform and Magento certified developers should undoubtedly be the first choice.


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