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10 Best Magento 2 Extensions for Ecommerce Store in 2022

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Magento 2 Extensions for Ecommerce Store

The year 2020 has witnessed a serious surge in the popularity of Ecommerce stores across the globe. In the coming months, the Ecommerce market is expected to grow at an unprecedented speed all across the world and this is the reason why businesses are leaving no stone unturned to take their online store to next level.

Among all the Ecommerce platforms, Magento 2 has come up as the best choice among all the businesses. For the successful running of the website and its effective promotions, it is critical to pay attention to the Magento 2 extensions. These extensions add great features to the website which have always worked in the favor of the businesses. The article lists out a few must-have Magento 2 extensions to help your businesses grow and stand out in this competitive time. Let’s take a look at the list:

  1. SEO Toolkit

    Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in increasing the visibility of an online Ecommerce store. For sorting the optimization problem, Magento 2 comes with many SEO extensions that offer great solutions in optimizing the website content as well as images. SEO Toolkit is one such extension that is the all-in-one extension for maximizing the SEO effectiveness.Features:

  • Advanced Pagination
  • Automated Meta Tag Templates
  • Automated internal and external links
  • Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Unique product URL’s
  • Rich snippets in search results

There are many other extensions that have proved to be beneficial for optimizing the Ecommerce stores for many organizations. Some of them are:

  1. Product Options

    Customers want a good amount of product options to explore before making a purchase and therefore, Ecommerce companies also pay attention to providing the same option to its target audience. The Product Options feature enhances the default option by adding more options, different pricing options, creating options dependencies, and offering more products by options only. This allows the users to create conditions to make the shopping process of the shoppers more customizable.


  • Unlimited product options
  • Custom option pricing
  • Fully customizable product variants
  • Visual presentation of every product option
  • Automated option inventory tracking
  • Migration tools for Magento 1 option 
  1. Out of Stock Notification

    Generally, it is seen that most of the online Ecommerce stores show up “Out of Stock” notification once the visitor selects that product after shortlisting it. This is very disappointing for the visitors as after spending time on the product and selecting it, they get to know it is out of stock. This may prevent what could be a possible lead for the company and to avoid this situation, the Out of Stock Notification extension is the best possible solution to use in your Ecommerce store. The extension will allow the Ecommerce owners to send email notifications to the visitors when their desired product is in stock.


  • Notify the customers and guest users about the stock and product prices.
  • Notify the admin about new subscriptions and low stock automatically.
  • It allows the customers to manage subscriptions in their accounts.
  • Check users’ behavior with the Analytics dashboard.
  1. Shipping Restrictions

    For many Ecommerce stores, it is not possible to ship the products to all the zip codes. Although Magento 2 gives this option to all its users to manage shipping rules of all the countries but this can be too difficult in case you want to restrict shipping to a certain group of countries.
    Using Shipping Restrictions extension, the Ecommerce store owners can focus on the countries or states where the products can’t be delivered. The owners can simply add the zip codes of the banned shipping areas and customers too are instantly notified if there is a shipping restriction imposed on their areas or not.


  • Specific shipping carrier.
  • Shipping restrictions by product attributes and order info.
  • Creation of restrictions based on customer’s shipping data.
  • Restricting or enabling shipping based upon the coupon. 
  1. Navigation

    Navigation plays a crucial role in engaging the visitors. Online visitors want to easily and quickly find the products using multiple filters like price, brand, discounts, status, colors, materials and much more. Embedding Navigation extension enables Ecommerce store owners to have a feature-rich navigation Ecommerce store with multiple features and widgets to help visitors find the desired products.


  • Speedy product filtering using AJAX.
  • Use of sliders and widgets for numeric attributes.
  • New “Shop by” filters as compared to the normal attributes.
  • Users can also filter products by Brands.
  • SEO-friendly URL’s and brand pages.
  1. Blog

    Online audience is always looking for valuable information and if an ecommerce stores offer the same to its audience then, then the chances of lead generation are high. This is also beneficial for the SEO of the Ecommerce store.
    Magento 2 blog extension allows its users to manage its store together with the blog and its marketing. It’s a professional tool that allows to even optimize the content to increase the Ecommerce store visibility.


  • Professional tool to manage the blog posting and promotion.
  • Along with available in English locale language, it supports many other languages as well.
  • Enables users to manage and use Facebook, Disqus or Magefan Magento Comments.
  • Enables blog sidebar widgets for optimizing blog navigation.
  • Auto publishing of the blogs on the Facebook page.
  • Enables the importing of the blog from major blog holding websites like WordPress, Mageplaza blog, etc. 
  1. Product Questions and Answers

    A little common area on an Ecommerce store that is very useful for the visitors but is usually ignored by the Ecommerce store owners is the Question and Answers between the users and visitors. Having a separate Product Questions and Answers area will allow the users to leave questions about the product. Upon getting the number of common users, the admin can answer those questions instead of replying to a single query and make those questions and answers visible to everyone.
    Using this extension a separate FAQ page too can be created and added later on for the visitors.


  • Add common questions and answers to the product pages.
  • Manage the visibility of questions and answers to the audience.
  • Manage the email notifications sent to both admins and customers.
  • Add a question form to each of the product pages.
  1. Customer Support Extensions

    A successful Ecommerce store owner knows that there should me more ways to connect with the users except the usual “Contact Us” page. Nothing is more credible than being able to reply to the customers whenever they have a doubt or query to be solved.
    There are a plenty of customer support extensions for Magento 2 and it is difficult to select the best among all. Help desk Ultimate extension is the one which have all the features which is required by almost all the Ecommerce stores of all sizes. It manages the customers’ enquires by the ticket system that can be partially automated as well. The tickets are set as per the priority and assigned to the dedicated help desk agents for resolving the issues and replying to the customers.


  • Ticket creation
  • Communication options
  • Automation
  • Email gateway
  • Advanced customer area 
  1. Advanced Report by Mageplaza

    Reporting plays a crucial part in helping the Ecommerce owners and team to identify the ways to generate more leads and work on all the loopholes. Advanced report by Mageplaza innovatively collects the data from orders, sales, customers etc. and sorts it quickly to help the store owners in making effective marketing decisions.


  • Supports 16 report cards
  • Informative line-charts reports supported
  • Report comparison
  • Support 2 informative advanced reports
  • Report data display in the form of charts
  • Flexible dashboard charts 
  1. Magento 2 Social Login

    No customer wants to fill-up the old school long sign-up forms. Even it has been found that the customers usually stop engaging with the website if there are long forms to fill in for signing up. So, to solve this problem, there are extensions which allow Social log in for the customers so that it takes just a few seconds to signing up. In the market there are many Magento 2 extensions available to choose from according to the requirements of an Ecommerce store.
    We have listed Magento 2 Social Extension by Mageplaza as the best to embed in the Ecommerce store. It supports all the major social media platforms and allows the users to quickly log in by clicking on one of the social media platform icon present on the website. The extension automatically picks up data from the social media account of the user and signs them up.


  • Supports Facebook, Google, Instagram, Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo login among many other major platforms
  • Easy updation of customer information
  • Supports Standard registration
  • Compatible with one stop checkout
  • Easily customizable

These were the must-have Magento 2 extensions for your Ecommerce store in order to be the best among competitors. There is no end to adding extensions but focusing on the requirements is a must to select the best suitable extensions to improve the performance of your Ecommerce store.