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Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition

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Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition - Sigma Infosolutions Ltd Reading Time: 3 minutes
Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition - Sigma Infosolutions

Magento Enterprise Edition blurs the lines between what is possible; giving the business owner the power to create bold and unique shopping experiences that will transform the customer’s experience on the website. Although many small to medium businesses prefer the Magento Community edition for being budget-friendly, the Magento Enterprise edition is built for rapid and cost-effective innovation in the long run. The platform combines rich, out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance and scale, and powerful business tools to get ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands. Let us take a look at some of the Magento Enterprise features which make it stand out from the Magento Community edition:

1. Enhanced Enterprise Efficiency & Flexibility

Magento Enterprise Edition comes with a powerful Admin experience. The modern and intuitive user interface allows the owners to effectively manage and maintain online stores. The Admin dashboard comes with a quick access to the sales, orders, product data and other features saving the time during administrative tasks. It comes with features that allow the users to save and customize the views in the Admin Panel. Magento Enterprise Edition’s step-by-step product creation tool guide has made it very simple and 4 times faster to add new products to the store.

2. Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Magento Enterprise Edition has an interesting feature that allows the segmentation of the users based on gender, location, history, purchasing value, wish-list and other factors and provides more marketing options. It also allows creating personalized shopping experiences by dynamically displaying promotions and content based on the demographic and geographic behavior of the target audience. This boosts the conversion rate and creates a unique shopping experience.

3. Elasticsearch

Magento Enterprise Edition has an integrated Elastic search technology which makes it very easy to set up and handle large catalogs efficiently. It manages global search-results in 33 languages which gives the Magento Enterprise Edition extra brownie points. Elasticsearch offers suggestions for misspellings, synonym management and support for stop words helping in increasing the conversion rate.

4. Better Payment Security

Magento  Enterprise edition provides a secure payment gateway for the payments. It comes with integrated payment gateways like Braintree, PayPal,, CyberSource and WorldPay securing the payments. Although the Magento Community Edition users can get payment extensions through Magento Marketplace, the problem with using a lot of third-party extensions is that sometimes they can conflict with each other, causing problems and instability in the system.Magento 2 Enterprise Edition comes with secure payment gateway and PCI complaint standards to make the whole process of purchasing super-fast and equally secure.

5. Full Page Caching

When it comes to your website’s performance, EE makes it possible for your site to grow without limits. Whenever a user visits or re-visits the website, the updated version of Magento displays the HTML cached data stored in the buffer area rather than fetching the information from the database. The benefit of full-page caching is that it reduces the load-time on the server, improving the response time and boosting the performance. In times of high traffic, full page caching helps in avoiding the downtime as the load on the server is reduced.

6. Easy Checkout Process

Magento EE has been successfully enhanced with the highly customizable interface to place orders and complete the checkout process. The platform is now 50% faster, requires a very few steps and customer related information while making the purchases. This has made the checkout process easier, quicker and secure as compared to the previous version.

It is vital to select the right platform based on the business needs. A smaller company that doesn’t need the upgraded performance capabilities or advanced features that Magento Enterprise offers, is advised to go with the Community Edition. However, for chasing a larger audience, Enterprise Edition enables you to reach specific segments and grant much more flexible options.  Magento enterprise edition allows the businesses to build a well-designed, responsive and secure website, enabling the owner to control the web store efficiently in order to scale up their online marketing game.

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