How to Optimize Magento Conversion Rate & Boost Sales Right Away

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How to Optimize magento conversion rate and boost sales right away Reading Time: 4 minutes
How to Optimize magento conversion rate and boost sales

Having an e-commerce website is not sufficient, you constantly need to come up with effective strategies to let it grow digitally in the market and have a high conversion rate as well. To double the sales of your Magento e-commerce stores, continuous improvements in the optimization of the website. Here, we have listed some improved tips to improve the conversion rate of your Magento 2 stores. There are also many Magento 2 b2b extensions free of cost and paid to integrate in your e-commerce store to enhance the conversion rate. Let us take a look at the tips that can boost your e-commerce stores but let us first understand the difference between e-commerce conversion rate and Magento store conversion rate.

E-commerce Conversion Rate

E-commerce Conversion Rate is the rate or percentage at which the website store visitors make a purchase of the products or services offered by the company.

Conversion Rate Optimization

On the contrary, Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of tracking and observing the behaviour of customers on the website and the time they spend on the e-commerce website.

Now, let us take a look at the tips and what all Magento 1 & 2 offers in terms of plugins and extensions to optimize the Magento Conversion Rate:

Tips to Improve Magento Conversion Rate

1. Easy Website Navigation

Researchers have proven that the customers in the first 3 seconds decide to spend time on the website or not. And, to make the best of those 3 seconds, one of the major contributing factors is the easy navigation on the website. Using layered navigation allows the visitors to use filters to search the products, enhancing the overall user experience. There are many Magento extension from which you can choose for your e-commerce stores. The most popular extensions are Layered Navigation Pro and Amasty.

2. Quick Easy Image Loader

Website’s loading time plays an essential part in determining the conversion rate of the e-commerce store. Image loading determines the website’s loading time to a great extent as if the image loading takes time then, the overall website loading time also takes a lot of time, directly impacting the conversion rate of the visitors. Also, sometimes the images are larger in size which result in the poor website loading time that increase the bouncing rate.

So, to avoid these image related delays Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2 and Image lazy loader are two best Magento extensions that can be integrated with your e-commerce store.

3. Track the User Behaviour

Analysing the user behaviour is essential to optimize the overall customer behaviour and conversion rate. It is highly recommended to continuously keep on checking the analytics of the user behaviour and do the detailed analysis of their time spent, products searched, shopping cart and much more. Google Analytics is one of the best and free extension that you can integrate with your Magento e-commerce store to analyse and enhance the user behaviour.

4. Shopping Mentor for Magento 2 Stores

Another unique and useful extension that can be integrated in the Magento 2 stores if the Shopping Mentor extension. It shows the recommended products based upon the answers given by the customers to some questions asked by the bot. This is useful for the customers who are not well familiar with the technical terms of the products and browsing the website. The extensions integrated for this purpose will enhance the customer experience, build a loyal customer database, and optimize the Magento conversion rate as well.

5. Highlight the CTA Button

CTA button plays a crucial role in building the cart of the customers. Along with being highlighted in bold colours and a nice shape, the position of the button on the page is equally important. Also, determine carefully which buttons to be addressed as Call to Action buttons like “Add to Cart”, “Checkout” etc. The message on the CTA buttons should be clear and motivating enough to make a purchase.

6. Easy and One-step Checkout Process

Having an easy and quick checkout process is another important aspect to take care of while optimizing the Magento conversion rate. It is observed that if on the checkout page, too much information is asked then the customers abandon the cart. Therefore, it is important to provide a safe, easy and one-step checkout process to all the customers. Allowing customers to buy the product as a guest user is a good way to improve the conversion rate and provide seamless user experience. You can select the extension offered by Mageplaza for Magento 2, Amasty and a few other companies for your e-commerce stores.

7. Implement Cart Abandonment E-mail

Cart abandonment is very common for all the e-commerce stores. The best and winning way to decrease the cart abandonment rate is to cleverly follow up the customers who have items left in the cart. The company can send them emails as a reminder. Following this has helped many companies to optimize their conversion rate.

8. Constant Testing

Experimenting with new ideas for every business is needed and many e-commerce companies constantly experiment with new ideas to reach maximum audience and increase the sales. So, it is highly advised that whenever you implement a new idea for your online business, keep on constantly testing the performance of the change you have just made. The results obtained through the continuous testing will give a clear picture of what is working for the business and what is not. So, do constant testing of your new feature.

These are some of the important tips following which there will be some significant improvements in the Magento conversion rate. There are some really helpful Magento 1 & 2 extensions which not only improve the customer behaviour but also improve the conversion rate. You can find some important plugins which are offered as daily deal extensions for Magento 1 & 2.

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