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Magento Enterprise delivers enhanced experience and powerful marketing to drive higher conversions

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Magento Enterprise delivers enhanced experience and powerful marketing to drive higher conversions - Sigma Infosolutions1 Reading Time: 3 minutes
Magento Enterprise delivers enhanced experience and powerful marketing to drive higher conversions - Sigma Infosolutions1

Every great online shopping experience in the minds of innovative marketers and merchandisers. From optimizing the website content, merchandising the products, to creating awesome marketing campaigns and promotions.

With Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 you could empower your online store to deliver more engaging shopping experience faster and easier than ever before.

The top six ways in which Magento Enterprise magnifies your business into a brand are:

1. Ease of content staging and preview:

Most times, businesses battle with the hassle of customizing seasonal campaigns and running them at the scheduled time periods. With Magento’s user-friendly tools, a business can effectively

  • Pre-schedule the required updates
  • Preview them on the timeline dashboard
  • Run a test-run up to the point of checkout to ensure the programmed promotions work on dot,
  • Ability to easily share across the team in order to make real-time changes.

This way, the scheduled promotion runs on the appointed date and time without the need for human interference which might otherwise cause time delays, etc.

2. Enable ease-of-payment:

Magneto Enterprise Edition features PayPal enhancements that streamline the checkout experience and boost sales. The increase in conversion rates is almost 69% as the shoppers can pay with PayPal without ever leaving the site. The ability to securely store the credit card information through PayPal Saved Credit Cards means fewer security headaches, and more frequent purchases, as the Customers can check out quickly without entering their credit card information.

3. Scope for growth:

Magneto Enterprise Edition’s “Elasticsearch”, which uses the latest technological algorithms for search assistance, allows businesses to easily handle their catalogs in tandem with customer preferences. This allows for a higher conversion rate as shoppers can easily find what they are looking for. This feature is compatible with 33 languages, has “stop words” selection, synonymous search result optimization, and is also designed to handle large catalogs as a business grows.

4. Tuned for PCI Compliance:

The most common problems with businesses are the struggle to comply with PCI due to the payment portal restrictions from third parties. With the use of Magento’s new hosted fields that is integrated with Braintree, you can keep the checkout experience and the conversion rate within the control of your business. This integration of Braintree only replaces individual fields.

5. Margin-less deployment:

Magento has adapted its deployment through cloud strategy to allow businesses to focus on their customers without having to worry about the website infrastructure. In order to suit the retailer needs and environment (cloud, on-site, or hosted premises), a business can effectually build its storefront and optimize without any security restrictions via AWS.

6. Customer Segmentation and Personalization:

With Magneto Enterprise Edition 2.1 business can study its own input on the customer’s trends. This will help in building an effective marketing campaign that would suit its. This standout feature also ensures that a business can set up functional cross-sell and upsell features, and gift bundles that offer the best in-house prices for new customers. In addition, their VIP customers, which can be easily located based on buying and spending pattern, would receive personalized offers and irresistible deals that enable a definite conversion.

Magento Enterprise Edition empowers both online and multichannel merchants. Match that with a great site design that is simple and easy for the customers and you’ll be on the path to continued and greater success.

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