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What Magento 2 Enterprise can offer over Community

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What Magento 2 Enterprise can offer over Community - Sigma Infosolutions Reading Time: 3 minutes
What Magento 2 Enterprise can offer over Community - Sigma Infosolutions

For an online-shop looking to scale its operations or looking at improving conversion rate, this is one of the key questions. Magento 2 EE comes with an exciting feature list such as multiple wish lists, automated e-mail marketing scheduling (multi-level re-targeting), customer segmentation, easy and hassle-free payments and much more to engage customers with an easy and safe shopping experience. These features make the customer’s shopping experience really smooth, making them like your brand and increasing the chances of their coming back to you.

While the cost is the main concern, there are many other reasons behind this dilemma.

Every e-commerce business is unique with a unique set of needs but we can detail some key differences between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition so that the merchants have a better understanding of where to start. Let’s take a look at them:


When comparing Magento 2 Community Edition and Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, the first visible difference, and cause of concern is the cost. While Magento 2 Community Version is Free; the license for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition comes at a cost. This can be justified by the advanced features and capabilities that come with it and if it is meeting your goals.

Targeted Promotions, Persistent Shopping and Private Sales

Successful e-commerce businesses know the art of the upsell and cross-sell. It is all about appealing to the buyer on the way out and during the customer to buy more. Keeping this in mind Magento 2 Enterprise Edition comes with a feature of Targeted Promotions whereas Community Version does not have this feature. Again, the Enterprise Edition comes with a feature of persistent shopping and private sales for the merchants whereas the community version does not give you this feature.

Automated E-mail Marketing Reminder

With Enterprise Editions automated e-mail marketing reminder feature the retailer can understand how each customer acts. This provides the ability to retarget the customers with relevant offers based on real actions. By understanding which store’s products interest the customers, the length of their decision-making process and what they care about provides a boost to their marketing activities.

24*7 Technical Support

The merchants who go for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition enjoy a 24*7 technical support but in community edition, you need to rely on community support which is not always reliable.

Gifting option and Reward Points

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition adds the reward points to the customer’s account which can be redeemed whenever they want. The Community Version does not give you this great option. The EE also comes with a gifting option for customers which the CE does not have. The customers can present those gifts to their family and friends, increasing your Brand’s credibility and customers.

Multiple Wish-Lists and Configurable Order Tracking Widget

Magento 2 EE comes with a feature for customers to make their own wish-lists. These wish-lists can then be viewed by other customers to get an idea of what people are buying and even allow choosing from other person’s wish-list. Magento 2 EE also allows the customers to track their placed order’s status by just filling in some basic order details. The CE of Magento 2 does not have both the above-mentioned features.

PA-DSS Certification/ Payment Process

Magento 2 EE complies with Payment Application Data Security Standards to provide a smooth and secure mode of payment to the customers. This enhances the overall shopping experience for the customers with your company. Whereas, the CE does not comply with PA-DSS certification for payments.

These are some of the main features to highlight the difference between Magento 2 EE and CE.

But are these features enough to use Magento 2 Enterprise Edition instead of Community Edition? It depends on the business objectives and growth. If one has the ability to implement most of the EE features with the help of third-party solutions in CE then you need to keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on the add-on functionality. One needs to also bear in mind that overloading the application with extensions, performance and security can go down south. In conclusion, Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is definitely a better option for larger merchants who want to scale up their online store and don’t want to deal with customizations and enhancements.