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Magento Commerce’s New Instant Purchase Checkout: A Real Sale Booster

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Magento Commerce’s New Instant Purchase Checkout A Real Sale Booster - Sigma Infosolutions Reading Time: 4 minutes
Magento Commerce’s New Instant Purchase Checkout A Real Sale Booster - Sigma Infosolutions

Amazon has had the exclusive ownership of the one-click checkout process for last 11 years. With the expiration of Amazon’s patent as of September 2017, merchants are now free to offer their customers a better way to buy. Magento is the first commerce leader to offer an ‘Amazon-like’ experience as a standard feature, now available in the latest release of Magento Commerce.

Online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide from 2006 to 2017

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According to statista, the average global cart abandonment rate in 2017 was close to 70%, and it’s even higher among shoppers on mobile devices. Magento Commerce’s new Instant Purchase feature allows returning customers to skip many of the traditional checkout steps, streamlining their experience and making it quicker to complete their purchase in ‘One Click’. Magento does this by using previously-stored payment information and shipping details to skip stages of the checkout process.

1. Support for multiple payment methods

The Instant Purchase feature allows the returning shoppers to select “Instant Purchase” option and directly leads them to the checkout page where all the previous payment details and shipping address are stored. Magento Commerce (EE) supports easy and quick payment methods which include Braintree Credit Card, Braintree PayPal, and PayPal Payflow Pro for stored payment information. All a shopper needs is to click on the button and the order gets placed within a few minutes.

Merchants even get the privilege to modify the text on the Purchase Button as per the business requirements.

2. Advanced Reporting

Analytics play a major role in the functioning and decision-making of a company, especially in the e-commerce sector. Magento Commerce’s upgraded version has added an Advanced Reporting as a core-feature to the platform. It generates 20 different visually-compelling reports through an easy-to-use web interface to give deep and detailed insights which can be easily accessed from the Magento Admin.

Magento2 Commerce (EE) comes with three pre-configured dashboards:

  1. Orders: This report includes the number of orders, AOV, revenue, taxes and shipping fees collected.
  2. Customers: this report includes the data about unique customers, registered accounts and key metrics by customers.
  3. Products: this report includes the total quantity ordered and best-selling products calculated by revenue and volume.

Advanced reporting offered by Magento Commerce is a very unique and interesting feature that allows the merchants to make data-driven decisions for their businesses and empowering them to better manage their business. The report is updated daily and can be configured to show different date ranges.

3. Email Marketing Automation

The latest Magento Commerce release integrates Dotmailer email marketing automation, allowing merchants to easily set up and start creating campaigns in minutes.

Dotmailer is a Premier Magento Partner servicing over 4,000 B2B and B2C brands across 150 countries. They enable customers to deliver smarter, faster email campaigns that maximize ROI through advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities. They use all Magento attributes (including custom ones) and integrations with other backend systems, like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, to create a complete view of the customer for highly targeted campaigns.

The best part is that if still, you are unsure about the Dotmailer, Magento gives a 14 day free trial to its users to check for the benefits it can bring to the business.

4. Automatic shipping to the customer’s default address

Magento2 Commerce (EE) update has enhanced the shopping experience to a next level by integrating Magento shipping’s multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment capabilities. Merchants can now manage everything related to the shipping; from configuring shipping options and fulfillment rules to comparing shipping prices across careers straight from the Magento Admin.

Magento Commerce comes with the right and really powerful tools to streamline the operations enhance the shopping experience and accelerate the performance of your e-commerce business. “Magento is widely recognized as the number one platform for equipping businesses with the innovative solutions they need to prosper in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape,” said Jason Woosley, senior vice president, product, and technology at Magento Commerce. “This milestone is yet another proof-point of the combined power of our platform and global ecosystem in providing cutting-edge technologies customers need to react to changing market dynamics.”

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