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Magento 2.3: 10 Must-Haves in the New Release

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Magento 2.3 - 10 Features in new release Reading Time: 3 minutes
Magento 2.3 - 10 Must-Haves in the new release

1. Magento Page Builder:

The tool name itself says it can help to create or build the pages. Gone are the days of creating a page using HTML and CSS. Using this tool you can design the layout just by drag and drop. Align the elements visually and build your page. Non-technical users can easily build their pages, update them on the fly without the help of frontend developers. It got these

– Rich set of elements
– Drag & Drop Features To Position The Elements
– Preview
– In-line editing
– Responsive Grid System

This tool can be used to build

– Content pages
– Blocks
– Dynamic Blocks
– Product Catalog

At this moment it has limited availability for Magento Commerce customers as a part of Magento 2.3.1. But Open Source users can still buy it from Marketplace.

2. PWA (Stands For Progressive Web Applications):

The Usage of browsers is an old fashioned way as the native apps took over the role to enhance the user experience in terms of performance and look. But still, it is a challenge for a lot of merchants to have their own Mobile app. It is difficult to update it frequently and sync with the way the application works.

At the same time the usage of smartphones changing the face of e-commerce business and the trends they are bringing in. This aggressive rise in mobile shopping trends will reach 90% in coming years. This is an opportunity to boost conversion rates for E-commerce sites.

PWA can deliver superior Mobile experience and this leads to improvement in conversion rates. Merchant can deliver App like interface which is fast and reliable. No need to download it from any other source like Native Apps. It just integrates with your website and gives you App-like experience.

PWA Studio is an open source Tool so it will have regular updates independent of Magento releases thus ensuring that the platform will be enriched with new features regularly and improve the business.

3. Graph QL Support:

It was originally developed by Facebook in 2015. It is an API technology to search for specific data and to transfer small amounts of data. Thus it enables the platform to work in slow network connections.

4. Google reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication:

Google reCAPTCHA is quite familiar, it now comes along with Magento. Enable it and stop the bots. Two-Factor Authentication is must have a security feature to make sure that the right owner is accessing the website. Not just the password anymore, it adds an additional layer of security by sending a security code via Text or email for verification.

5. Declarative DB Schema:

It simplifies installation and upgrade procedures for Magento Extensions. It eliminates the need for writing a number of scripts and maintaining them. The big advantage of this feature is certain DB changes can be rolled back which was not possible before.

6. Asynchronous Web APIs:

It is a community contributed feature which enables REST APIs to be called asynchronously.

7. Elasticsearch Updates:

This support was there only for Commerce users. Now it is available in Open Source versions as well. It enhances the search results to show more relevant content and increases the site reach.

8. Complete PHP 7.2 Support:

Magento 2.3 has now complete PHP 7.2 Support. Thus Magento inherits many Performance and Security related features from it.

9. MSI (Multi-Source Inventory):

Before Magento has only one inventory system. This feature allows Merchant to manage multi warehouse inventory of all product types right from admin without integrating any extension. MSI got the following features as well.

– Easily track the inventory at each warehouse
– Automatic inventory fulfilments
– Integration with Third Party systems made easy
– Send the product inventory details to their sources

10. Cache-Management ACL:

Admins can have control on who can delete the cache items based on different access levels. Accidental cache clearing can be avoided with this feature.

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