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The expression of fashion

Fashion in eCommerce is never out of fashion. And therefore, you need to create a shopping experience that remains ever-engaging and unique. This is where Sigma can help you score over others.

Amaze your Users

Sigma rolls out Magento-based solutions which create dazzling experiences that engage with content and personalization. Besides front-end engagement, the solutions also enable efficient merchandise management and cross-platform commerce.


Category Based Search

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The ability for a customer to find the item as quickly as possible is a huge factor for sales conversions. For industrial and business websites, it is essential to have products divided into categories to facilitate easier search

Locate Distributor

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Reduce difficulty and provide ease of finding the store near your customer quickly and efficiently. When the customer clicks on the any store address on the map provided, the map will zoom into that particular store and provide store details such as address, phone number etc

Shop the look

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Make it simple for your customer to mix and match the items from your store by providing shop the look feature

Previous and Next product

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Reduce the number of clicks going back and forth when browsing products. Anyone who likes fashion knows its never easy to simply just select an item. This is where you allow your customers to go to the next product with one single swipe or click while browsing the product details

Reward points

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The idea behind a customer loyalty program is that when repeat customers are rewarded, the business’s sale increases. Having a customer-loyalty program could help in completely concurring a customer into our business. This strategy gradually would boost your business’s revenue

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