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The health and beauty industry depends quite a lot on the customers ability to touch, smell, and sample products. The latest technology advancements and the growing digital innovators has accelerated the online health and beauty commerce. Inorder to access the benefits of health and beauty ecommerce and to make your brand the first choice for the customers you need an optimal solution to entice your customers with an extraordinary shopping experience.

Magento | Health & Beauty

Segmentation and Personalization for boosting sales

Customers’ beauty needs may vary based on different factors like skin type, etc. Magento commerce features segmentation and personalization by which you can provide an extraordinary shopping experience to your customers.

Offer your customers with personalized product suggestions based on their demographics, geographical locations, lifestyle choices, skin types, and health concerns.

Reach Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Engage your mobile-savvy beauty customers and provide them seamless experience with mobile optimized responsive designs.You can make your brand stand out in the market and get connected to the customers regardless of device or location.

Easily Manage Products and Regulatory Compliance Procedures

Easily integrate your commerce and brand content, all the while making sure your merchandise promotions and marketing campaigns are compliant with regulatory requirements.

With Magento, you can easily integrate instructional videos, digital try-out, gift-with-purchase, product reviews, and social media platforms directly on to your product pages.

At the same time, you can swiftly adjust your pricing in accordance with local procedures, contracts, and mandatory compliance regulations.

Showcase Unique Product Attributes & Bundles

Custom product attributes are essential when it comes to matching the products according to customer needs.

Magento provides customers to find the right product based on product attributes like shade, color, illumination and more. You can also display multiple products with robust product bundling features to increase the average order value.

Sigma | Health & Beauty

Custom Development

In addition to developing the site, Sigma can also build custom iOS app, Android App, and PWA in a very short time frame.

Flexible Infrastructure

Sigma designed a baseline infrastructure to accommodate high volumes of traffic, along with a scaled-up peak infrastructure to handle massive spikes in visits during flash sales.

Custom UX

The customer experience is designed around the mobile user, with registrations based on mobile phone numbers rather than email, and products shown individually, rather than as a configured group.

Differential Pricing

Allow you automate the pricing assignments that you have already made for different customers.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Sigma has integrated multiple tier pricing for subscription purchase. Customers can be billed on a monthly basis, or other regular interval for recurring order.

Loyalty Programs and Reward Points

Loyalty and Reward points functionality has been integrated into the health and beauty commerce business to provide additional discounts so that customers can come back and purchase. 33% more revenue from loyalty programs.

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