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Now this is one tricky arena where customers bank on physical evidence. However, with the winning mix of appealing designs and engaging interface, you can create a virtual health and fitness hotspot that your customers will abide by.

This is health we’re talking about.

People need to feel the safety, awareness and expertise. Sigma’s eCommerce solutions provides a comprehensive set of features which enable the best shopping experience for your users. Health-conscious individuals like specificity and reliability. Sigma’s Magento-based solutions provide these two, along with an unmatched experience that make your eCommerce and preferred and recommended.


Browse by condition

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Ability to browse the products by the health condition helps a lot with selection. This way you can also provide usage, tips, home remedies etc to help your customers and provide value to your product.

Prescription Information

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For health related industries, you can never be too careful. Ability to have the prescription details for the products sold safeguards the customers and the company interest.

Wholesale section

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Discounted prices are good but wholesale prices are even better. Give your retail store owners their very own wholesale accounts and watch your page visits increase.

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