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6 Simple Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction Reading Time: 4 minutes
Improve Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important factor to focus on as it has a great impact on your business revenue. Customer satisfaction, in short means that the product and services meets the customers’ expectations. If there is a bad customer experience, it would have a direct impact on your brand’s image. Satisfied and happy customers will spend more money on your brand than unhappy customers and hence you can turn the satisfied ones to be your loyal customers. Therefore it is very important to improve your customer satisfaction to ensure a good success to your brand.

1. Offer Multiple Channels for Customer Support

If the customers face challenges during their purchase due to any reasons slow speed, transaction issues, order placement, etc., they would decide to leave the website; but if there are ways to contact the customer service they would try to immediately contact to resolve their queries.

By offering multiple channels to contact support like live chat, email addresses, phone numbers, forums, online forms, product support pages, social media, etc., customer’s chances of getting their queries answered increases. Offer as many ways to connect the customer support so that if one or two options doesn’t help, they may look for other possible options for quick answers to their questions.

Live Chat is the preferred customer support option and they love it as customers talk to a live person about their questions and they prefer doing it via a real live chat.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

Build a long term relationship with customers by rewarding them with loyalty points. The more the existing customers keep returning, the more your brand will grow. In this way you can turn your occasional visitors into loyal customers.
Reward points would attract your customers to perform more action on your business rather than going to the competitors.
Since loyalty points can be redeemed as an amount of money so it would encourage customers to purchase from your brand as they can use those reward points during checkout.

You can offer reward points during customer registration, purchases, reviews, social sharing, etc. and also notify them about the reward point’s expiration date. You can also have spend based rewards like spend X amount more and get reward (Free Gift or some fixed amount discount) to increase sales or spend X amount more ($x in the same month) and get some reward which can help retaining the customers.

There are many third party reward points extensions available which helps buyers convert into loyal customers. These extensions can be customized as well to suit your business needs. Contact us for any kind of customizations.

3. Keep a seamless and simple checkout

If the checkout process is too complex, then users will still try to abandon their shopping carts even though you provide a unique and engaging shopping experience.

Ensure that the shopping cart is visible from every page. Display as many types of checkout options including PayPal, so that customers can find their preferred payment method. Also, the steps involved in the checkout process should be clear to the customers. Use simple and clear Call to Action and it should stand from the rest of the elements of the page. Provide Guest checkout option and offer social sign in to speed up the checkout process.

In order to know more about streamlining the checkout process, take a look at this article we posted few years back. Or, learn how to cut your checkout time in half with Magento Instant Purchase.

4. Include Customer Reviews

Showcasing your reviews on the site not only boosts the SEO but also builds trust in your products and services. 90% of the customers read the reviews before making a purchase decision. The more the reviews, the more confident a shopper will be that they’re making the right decision.

Provide a review space for shoppers to leave reviews, rate the products and direct in-store shoppers to review their purchase experience on your website.

In order to know more, get in touch with our sales team today!

5. Deliver the orders at the Right time

When the customer completes the order and the products are shipped, you need to ensure that there are no shipping problems associated and the product reaches to customer smoothly at the right time.

In eCommerce business, shipping and delivery issues are usually the two sources of customer complaints. You cannot control the delivery process but you can always address the customer complaints if there is a late delivery, wrong item being delivered or item is damaged. In this way, you can always turn the unhappy customers into a satisfied one.

6. Focus on Easy Navigation

Your site navigation should be as simple and easy for the visitors to quickly find the information that is of interest to them. The visitors will bounce back from your site if it will take too long for them to figure out what they are looking for.

Here are few of the navigation best practices which we should follow – Make sure your primary navigation menu which displays on the header are clear and meaningful. Just by reading the label the visitor should know which information they would get on click of dropdown. Also, make your top navigation items clickable to a new page rather than just displaying a dropdown. This would give users more options to browse the categories and find what they are interested in. Use breadcrumbs as it helps customers to know which page they are on and how they can navigate back to the previous pages and categories.

This helps customer avoid clicking the main menu again, search for a page, or keep using the “back” button. Also consider linking important pages in your footer. On your category pages, include sidebar navigation with links to related products and filters to easily browse products and categories.

Not sure where you start? Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we work or to get a brief showcase of our work. Let’s talk business today and witness your brand success!