7 Essential SEO Practices to Setting up Magento Store

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E-commerce site is considered to be successful if we have great customer reach and for this to happen SEO ranking is one of the key KPI’s as many customers don’t look for the website instead they search for the product they are looking and the obvious place they reach is the search engines, These search engines serve a million users daily with the solutions to their problems and the study suggest that most of these users will only see the top 5 results on the Search Engine so it is always key to stay on top of the game while SEO is considered. Since Magento is not a complete ready-made e-commerce solution and customers would customize it. So it is always key to get the following SEO settings right while setting up store:

    1. Site Map – Sitemap primary thing which needs to set up properly since it forms the roadmap for the search engines about your website content, We need to make sure the prioritization of Catalog, Categories and Content in the Sitemap. You always score high if you include images for the products in the Sitemap.
    2. Page and Product Descriptions – We need to make sure that the appropriate and optimized product descriptions are used and make sure that all the products have the right descriptions. In case of pages, we need to make sure that we are not using default page descriptions provided by Magento and need to make sure the all the pages which are being indexed have an optimized page description. We can edit this in Magento admin –

3. Block Layered Navigation Parameters in the right way – When you want your filter and sort parameters to be stopped from crawling we should not disallow them in the robots.txt file instead we need to use meta noindex, follow on URLs with those parameters instead. The reason is, they can still be indexed, they just can’t be crawled.

4. Block Site Search Results – While disallowing layered parameters through the robots.txt file is a bad practice, what you really want to disallow are your site search results, or in most implementations, specifically the /catalog search/ URL path.

5. Structured Data – Google heavily relies upon the microdata to understand your product its prices, stock information, it is always key to have this information complete and relevant

6. Optimize the Product and Category URLs – The Category and Products URLs should be optimized, the best way is to use only Top URLs instead of the complete category path in products.

7. Don’t Duplicate the Content or use Canonical tag – Make sure that your product and pages content is not duplicated from your own site or any other website keep it unique in case you want to duplicate the content use the canonical tag to indicate the google the duplicate and near duplicate content on the site. Especially in case of HTTP and HTTPS make sure that the HTTP version has right canonical tag pointing to the HTTPS version since Google prefers https and avoid duplication.

Though Magento is mostly optimized for search engines it may require tweaks to make sure the store is SEO ready and following the above practices will lead to better SEO rankings and having done SEO regularly would also have a great impact on your business which  would include Definite traffic increase, High brand awareness(People trust google), Higher ROI, Stay Ahead of Competitors , Low investments compared to Paid Ads etc.

At Sigma, We have a dedicated SEO Expert team who will help the customers in identifying the best SEO practices and get it implemented. Our team will do a 360-degree analysis.

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