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Best Competitor Analysis Tools To Increase ROI For Your eStore

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Top Competitor Analysis Tools for Your Online Store Reading Time: 5 minutes
Top Competitor Analysis Tools for Your Online Store

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce stores and competition, keeping a check on competitors’ strategy is very important. And, if in case your competitors are performing better than you, then it is of great importance to understand and analyze the competitors’ moves. With the tools mentioned below, you can learn a lot about your competitors’ marketing strategy as well as your own content performance:

1. Spyfu

Keywords play the main role in ranking a website and bringing traffic to the website. Spyfu is the analysis tool which curates the list of most profitable keywords. It lets you know the paid as well as organic keywords used by your competitor to rank. This tool also monitors and tracks backlinks to the pages of the competitors. Along with showing the ranking keywords, the tool also shows the phrases which rank at the top on the searches engines.
Spyfu also allows its users to track their own PPC spends as well as that of the competitors to optimize the strategy if required. It is one of the most affordable plans with just $33 for a monthly plan. One can even go for the trial version for a month. The only limitation with a free plan is that the data on it is limited.

2. SEMrush

Quite famous and one of the most loved tools among online e-commerce store owners, SEMrush is a versatile tool that allows its users to do competitive research on any domain name. The tool shows the search engine results pages (SERPS) and keywords and even gets updated in the real time. It allows its users to accomplish four major things: Competitor research, site audit, keyword research and backlink research.
With the real-time keyword and competitive insights, the companies can create tailored content to engage the customers and generate brand awareness among the audience. Basic plan starts with just $99 for a month.

3. Ahrefs

If you are looking for a dedicated competitor analysis tool for keyword and SEO/ phrases then, Ahrefs will be the best option. It shows the data related to the keywords competitors are ranking for, organic traffic they are getting on the website and the content which is working the most in their favor.
The tool boasts the data of 190 billion pages and therefore, it provides access to the largest collection of key search words. One can even compare domains to see track specific keywords over time, content gaps etc.

Basic plan starts with just $99 for a month. You can also go with the trial version with just $7 for a week.

4. Buzzsumo

Popular as a social network tracking tool, Buzzsumo helps its users to find the most shared content for a given topic or competitor, see the influencers spreading the word about them and create reports that compare competitors performance to their own. It displays in details all the number of shares and likes a specific piece of content has received within a certain time period on all the social media platforms.
This tool makes it very easy to measure the success of your content and work on the loopholes if any. It comes with a free trial of 7 days and also comes with the paid versions. $79 for a month is for the Pro version, $139 for a month is for the Plus version and $239 for a month is for the large version.

5. Kompyte

Being one of the most comprehensive competitor analysis tools, Kompyte allows its users to compare and analyze traffic data and search ranking as compared to the competitors. The tool is basically a website competitor analysis tool. It allows its users to compare traffic, visitor behavior, keywords, referrals, paid ads, and site social metrics. It keeps its users updated with the competitors’ emails.

In some cases, it also provides a list of competitors which its users need to keep an eye on based upon the keywords entered by the user. Kompyte comes with a 14 day free trial period after which the user has to pay a monthly fee of $95.

6. Alexa

Founded in the year 1966, Alexa carries a rich history of providing deep insights into the competitors marketing strategies and performances. Its “Audience Overlap Tool” is very popular among digital marketers as it provides the list of competitor’s websites and also the keywords that the competitors are competing for. It also tells in real time which competitor is on the top and performing the best.
Along with ranking the websites according to their popularity, it also collates the data about the customer behavior like the demographic details, time spent by them on the competitor website, bounce rate etc. For content marketers, Alexa’s SEO recommendations work wonders in helping to create the content which is discoverable and engaging. It comes with a 7-day free trial period which further gets to paid plan starting from $99 a month.

7. Mention

Serving customers in more than 120 countries and with more than 12 billion mentions, Mention is a highly ranked competitor analysis tool dedicated to the social listing for companies, brands, and marketing campaigns. It provides real-time search on brand mentions in blogs, images, videos, microblogs, questions etc. Its services include social media monitoring and brand tracking along with dedicated suites for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.
The tool comes with a monthly as well as an annual plan. One can opt for a Solo Plan for a single user which starts at $29 for a month only as well as a starter plan for small businesses starting at $99 for a month.

8. QuickSprout

Everybody is aware of the importance of blogging in bringing traffic to the website. It is the simplest and trickiest way to attract the audience. QuickSprout is specially designed to audit competitor’s websites to find out the blogs which are attracting visitors. It shows the sites which are similar to the user’s website and determines the estimated traffic score, SEO score, bill score, and social network share score of the competitive sites to outrank them. This is a free tool.

9. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a competitor research tool which helps measure the opinions of customers, employees and people relevant to a company or brand. The tool allows benchmarking by getting feedback from the customers and employees about products and processes. This feedback helps the companies to modify and optimize their products, processes and services in order to maximize output. It has also helped in increasing employee engagement in many organizations after conducting in-house HR research.

The tool comes offers a test service which is free of cost and limited to just 19 questions per survey.
Whether you own a newly launched online e-commerce store or have a decade old e-commerce store, keeping a track of competitors’ strategy is an intelligent and smart way to outrank them and stay favorite of the target audience. The tools mentioned above help you in achieving the same by providing deep insights into the competitors’ marketing strategy.

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