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6 E-commerce Trends to Complement Your Marketing Strategy

With a plethora of e-commerce websites running all over the internet, consumers today have plenty of options to shop from. The growth of e-commerce has been mind-blowing in recent years and the digital marketing landscape too has witnessed a tremendous shift. The emergence of data analytics and innovative technologies has…
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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right E-Commerce Platform

Nielson has predicted that E-commerce will surge by 20% and become a huge market of $4 trillion by 2020. Amazon has the biggest chunk of this, contributing to 37% of online spend. However, small online sellers do have great potential and can capitalize on this promising growth prospect of the…
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All about regtech

How RegTch is Revolutionizing Financial Services Industry?

What is Regtech? A combination of two words: Regularity and Technology has rapidly risen to prominence in the year 2015, from complete obscurity. Regtech was created to address the regulatory challenges that were faced by companies in providing financial services through the latest technology. Or, in simple words: “the use…
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magento preferred ecommerce platform

15 Reasons Why Magento Is A Preferred E-Commerce Platform

In the past few years, many plug and play e-commerce platforms have emerged like Shopify, BigCommerce and more, to possibly cater to every type of e-commerce store being built. Yet, Magento is still a favourite and more than 1/4th of the e-commerce stores run on Magento. Let’s go over some…
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Digital marketing trends 2019
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8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2019

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving practice with a number of innovations taking place every single year. The pace at which digital marketing practices are shaping up in both B2C and B2B scenarios is astonishing. The only thing that remains constant is the goal of digital marketing: reaching the maximum target audience sitting…
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Leveraging IoT Analytics

With the onset of wireless technology and internet, IoT has become omnipresent. Our homes, vehicles, living place, workspaces and every place have adopted the internet and its benefits. Internet of Things is thereby generating a large amount of data and this data is expected to keep on increasing with time.…
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Top 7 Cloud Monitoring Tools
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Top 7 Cloud Monitoring Tools

The modern trend prevailing amongst the organizations shows a gradual shift towards the advanced system of cloud monitoring for the management of tools. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the network via means of cybersecurity against any such alleged cyber attack. Further, cloud monitoring not…
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Advantages of using Progressive Magento Application

Progressive web app (PWA) uses modern web application capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. These kind of apps don't require any complex installation to setup and they work like a charm in offline and relatively lesser connection speed. But PWA is still just a website. It will be an…
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