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Embedded Analytics
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Current State of Embedded Analytics and Its Advantages

Embedded Analytics is the ruler of the businesses at the present time. Analytics have been embedded ubiquitously into almost all the areas of life starting from applications, consumer gadgets, and other intelligent things. According to Market Research Future, the market for embedded analytics is forecast to grow by 14% per…
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Most Important BI Trends for 2020
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Most Important Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

In the business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processor (NLP) are the most talked about topics. With huge amounts of data being produced every day by various resources, it is no wonder that Business Intelligence (BI) is booming. It is quicker and…
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Power BI -Tableau
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Power BI vs. Tableau

Talking about Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau are the standout performs among all the tools available in the market. Microsoft Power BI is relatively younger as compared to Tableau but, with its features, it has grown out to be the closest competitor of Tableau.…
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Tableau - BI Solution
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Tableau: Is It The Business Intelligence Solution For You?

Data plays a significant role in improving the sales of a business. With the visualization of data, small, and big companies have been able to detect patterns, trends and outliers in groups of complicated data sets. More and more companies are using Big Data and Machine learning to collect huge…
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Tips to speed up Magento performance - Sigma
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Tips to Speed up Magento Performance

Magento is one of the most widely and popular e-commerce platform used by businesses across the globe to increase their online presence. Having a digital presence has become obligatory for the businesses at present and therefore, there are millions of e-commerce websites running online. With millions of e-commerce websites running…
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Magento 2 Multi Source Inventory

Magento 2 Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

The following article illustrates the new enhancement to one of the well known ecommerce platforms Magento2 - Multi Source Inventory. What’s the definition of Multi source inventory functionality of Magento 2? MSI is an advanced feature to improve Inventory Management System. It gives the option to manage inventory for a…
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