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Client Organization

CorporateCARE Solutions, an Arizona-based company, partners with U.S. employers to provide National Backup Family Care services for employees and ensures decreased absenteeism and increased corporate morale by helping working families resolve unexpected breakdowns in the family (child, adult, pet & tutoring) care.


To roll out a robust business solution in order to meet Family care needs at the nearest possible locations in alignment with multiple business stakeholders.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges of website maintenance and integration solution

The Client’s existing system was not receiving enough support and maintenance from the previous agency.

The system reported lots of repeated bugs on an ongoing basis and its performance was not up to the mark.

They wanted to add multiple features in order to deliver their family care offerings at the nearest possible location for end-users.

The client needed help with 3rd party system to improve private communication between the service provider and service taker without sharing contact details.

They needed a solution that can offer their services across the globe for employees in need of care services by meeting country-specific Covid-19 protocols.


CorporateCARE solutions engaged Sigma Infosolutions to develop a scalable business system to meet the needs of evolving business landscape on regular basis.

We have implemented features like MyChoice, Pet care, and Tutoring to facilitate end-to-end services to employees with a choice to find the best possible care providers at ease on a fixed amount compensatory model.
Our solution enabled the CorporateCARE solutions to ensure the availability of care providers either under CCS Care Providers Network or with an add-on feature at customers’ convenience.
We optimized the performance and stabilized their existing system with Zip Code API integration to find care providers/agencies within a specific region and meet clients’ evolving needs.
We incorporated features using 3rd party Twilio and Mailgun extensions to maintain the privacy of the care service provider and the customers for delivering services in the best possible way.
Implemented 3rd party payment gateway using to capture business payments seamlessly.
We also developed a feature to validate the data obtained from employers, employees, and care providers/agencies to meet specific backup care requests from multiple sign-ups.
Integrated API by which the system can find applicable agencies/care providers within a certain radius (25 miles) of their service areas.
With the MyChoice feature, we have developed a system which can compensate caregivers at fixed amount on the employees convenience even during the pandemic situation. 
The overtime feature (Daily and Weekly) enabled them to charge and pay OT compensation automatically based on daily overtime, weekly overtime, and holidays (Christmas, New Year, etc…)


Increase in the number of clients added to CCS Networks.

For the employers, our solution was able to decrease costly absenteeism of employees by 60% in the US.

Our solution ensured access to all care request details in the best way possible for end-users even during the pandemic.

The client witnessed a more than 60% rise in access to the MyChoice feature.

Tools & Technologies

Tools Technology
JIRA: Project Management Laravel 4.2 PHP framework
Zoom & meet: Client meeting WordPress
Adobe Photoshop: UX Design CSS Javascript
Bitbucket: Repository Jquery
Rackspace Cloud Server

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