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Omnichannel means having a uniform customer experience. E.g. The design of the website should be consistent with the mobile app & also match branded physical environments. Purchasers can shop the similar way through in-store, website and mobile. Regardless of the customers’ location and time.

The order can either be delivered to the address directly, collected at the store, or collected from a retail partner. In the US, retailers and brands are commonly selling online & offline. Online channels include branded webstores, social channels like FB (Facebook), Google Shopping, Google Express and marketpalces like eBay, Amazon,,

To make sure omnichannel and multichannel retail strategies are controlled and executed efficiently, brands and retailers use software to centrally manage product information, listings, stock, and orders from merchants.

Omnichannel Vs Multichannel

The significant contrast among omnichannel and multichannel is the level of integration. Multichannel is generally identified as a non-integrated approach to move toward customers and inverntory holdings, while omnichannel cohrent and absolute inventory integration. The limits between channels tend to disappear in an omnichannel environment, giving the client a reliable brand experience.

Key Omnichannel Strategy

  • In the omnichannel world, search engines, social media, display advertising, referral websites, mobile and email marketing can be considered independent channels, as each can promote one-way / two-way communication.
  • Proceed with the expectation that customers will swap across channels and devices, and keep messaging, promotions and language consistent across all channels and customer touch points.
  • Retailers need to discover approaches to integrate their online & offline channels to avoid segregated campaigns.
  • To adapt to the omnichannel concept, customer behaviours need to be understood by the retailers.
  • Specifically, elements that might drive the customer to make purchase decisions; and their paths to purchase, which relate to their lifestyle, time focused on the buy and the distance to the retail store.
  • Using an omnichannel advertising approach, retailers can provide precisely targeted incentives through digital and mobile promotions.
  • Omnichannel solutions also allow brands and organizations to tighten supplier controls and optimise their product stock across various sales channels, make sure that the optimum stock levels are situated in every location and the channels are kept up to date with stock information.

Why Magento for Omnichannel?

Magento Commerce and Magento Order Management help you address the issue of your clients by creating world class omnichannel experiences

Order Management for World-Class Omnichannel Experiences

Would you like to centralize global inventory, intelligently source items for fulfillment, and merge your online and offline worlds? Now you can. You can also increase efficiency, reduce cost and give the best possible shopping experience with “Magento Order Management”.

Omnichannel is a Business Imperative to Stay Competitive

Companies that haven’t already adopted an omnichannel approach need to consider this as a matter of urgency. A report by IDC predicted that the profit could reap up to 30% thanks to the reduction in inventory & the operational costs, also to the higher revenues.

This is thanks to higher revenues, reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), inventory costs, operational costs and promotional pressure.

Grow Your Business with Flexible Order Fulfillment

More fulfillment options mean more sales. Reduce the operational expense of managing global inventory by turning your stores, partners and providers into mini distribution centers.

Grow sales by exposing your store inventory to online shoppers and provide flexible fulfillment options, including ship-from-store, ship-to-store and buy online, pick up in store.

A Better In-Store Experience Improves both Loyalty and Sales

Giving clients the alternative to purchase online and get in store not only makes them happy bit it means serious money

Offering ship to and from store capabilities and an unending path of inventory in store means that a customer never leaves empty handed.

Magento Products Build Omnichannel Experience

Magento Commerce
Magento Order Management
Magento Business Intelligence

Why Sigma for Omnichannel?

As a magento solution partner we are capable to provide all the Omnichannel services possible in magento. In addition to this with the help of API’s, extension ecosystem and our expert developer we can fulfill any complex requirement to improve the shopping experience of the customers. Following are some of the services that we are providing to our clients.

Website Management and Customer engagement Improvement

  • As web application is a main component of Omnichannel strategy, it’s important to develop, manage and keep your ecommerce website updated and active.
  • The loyalty program helps to improve the customer engagement, we enable our clients to integrate the loyalty program in Magento Commerce as well as Open Source websites.
  • 69% of consumers say that they will choose to shop where they can earn customer loyalty/reward program points.
  • Experiencing seamless experience when it comes to concurrent engagement: start the conversation on Facebook and receive phone calls from customer services, and follow up by emails or live chats, all without the conversation flow ever being interrupted.

Order and Inventory Management

  • A better order management system can help to reduce the cost or handling the inventory.
  • For better inventory management and Order processing, we are capable of implementing any business needs related to order and inventory management.
  • Sigma enables our clients to integrate better store pickup and delivery options in our client websites, managing the products and inventory from single or multiple warehouses, Order cancellation and return facility and much more.

Mobile Application Management

  • To enable the better mobile experience we help to implement the PWA or Native app.
  • PWA or Native apps can be synced with the magento web application to improve the customer shopping experience.
  • The customer account syncing enables your customer to resume their shopping from any device, anywhere and anytime. This will help you to reduce the loss of sales and abandoned carts.

ERP and CRM Integration

  • Magento comes up with API’s that allows us to integrate the system with existing applications that are used by our clients.
  • Our expert team capabilities to integrate with different ERP or CRM systems help to sync the other systems to sync with Magento.

POS Integration

  • For selling in physical stores, a point-of-sale system is the key for success. It delivers a fast checkout in-store. There are different types of Point Of Sales (POS) software, but omnichannel retailers must invest in an integrated POS system.
  • We can integrate POS to magento and can make it synchronized to update the inventory and order information to magento.

Reports and Dashboards

  • With the help of good reports and dashboard the business can get good insights about the customer behaviour and the performance.
  • Simple clicks can give them precisely what they need to find: stock information from a warehouse a nation away, performation overview of customer service and in-store staff, find the best-selling items, stock predictions, and low-stock alerts.
  • Using magento reports and dashboards we can generate the reports of sales, products, customer registration etc.
  • Magento advanced report system and BI tool help to generate 100+ reports.
  • In addition to this we help to integrate with google analytics and other BI tools.

Social Media

  • Nowadays the selling products are not only through the dedicated channel, social media platforms also contribute a major chunk of your sales.
  • Integrating the social media feeds definitely boost your sales.
  • Another factor is capability to share the products in social media platforms to customers’ peer groups.
  • Notifications are also nowadays shifted from emails to sms and Instant Messaging Applications.
  • You definitely need a matured partner like Sigma to identify these elements and integrate it based on your need.

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