Convert Cart

ConvertCart is a full suite Conversion Rate Optimisation SaaS product. With an experience of running 45000+ experiments in the past 4 years, they have helped 800+ e-commerce stores in the Americas, Western Europe and the UK, achieve significantly higher conversion rates and thereby: Some core features include A/B testing, Deep funnel analytics, Personalization, Internal Search Intelligence, Reviews, Exit Intent and 360 degree email workflow Automation.
Another key thing – before you consider getting on a demo with them, they run a no-cost audit to help you understand where you lose your revenue. This is for your perusal at no cost or commitment. All they need is 30 mins of your time where they present their report to you.

  • Better ROI on marketing spends
  • Significantly better repeat purchase rate
  • Higher average order value
  • An overall better CX.

What differentiates ConvertCart from what is already out there:

All-in-one suite

Instead of signing up with multiple plugins and tools to solve a range of problems, ConvertCart is a single consolidated ecosystem of tools that also cross leverage each other.

Full Service

ConvertCart has an in-house team of consultants that run the CRO process for the client involving deep analytics, problem identification, solutioning and strategy, design, development, testing and reporting.

Depth of experience

Having run 45000+ experiments over the last 3 years, the team brings an immense in-depth understanding of CRO with them.

The primary value-adds we were able to identify with ConvertCart are:

UI/UX upgrades

All major & minor UI/UX changes, tweaks, upgrades, etc which will lead to an increase in engagement & conversions


Covertcart’s Intellisearch module will deliver highly effective, immersive and engaging search suggestions, results & recommendations for your audience

Opt-ins & Exit popups

Smartly triggered email options with tailored & personalized content to aimed at increasing your customer email database

Email Workflows

Automated email workflows – abandon cart/browse, Welcome, Reviews, and any other custom workflows

A/B Testing

Continous A/B Testing to ensure that the changes made are leading to an increase in conversion rates


Verified user reviews which can be 100% moderated to increase engagement & conversions. Convertcart reviews are also Google Authenticated, hence helps your SEO efforts

Personalization & Recommendations

Tailored journeys for all users, across the experience. Critical for higher engagement and increased conversions

How does the integration work?

The integration is really simple. We need to add a JavaScript snippet on the head section of each page of your website. This can be achieved by simply copy-pasting ConvertCart script within the script manager. This would allow us to deploy improvements on your website’s experience as an overlay. All the improvements are loaded Asynchronously from Convertcart servers, which means that there is absolutely no impact on overall load times.

Full-Service Support:

Since the Technology comes with Full-Service Support you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will brainstorm which campaign to show to which segment of your visitors, the development, design, testing, reporting will be done by the Account Management Team

The only investment you need to make would be keeping aside 30 to 40 minutes to get on a call with my Account Manager weekly.

The below flowchart details how each implementation would be launched on your website.

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