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Sigma Infosolutions is a leading global digital transformation company headquartered in Irvine, USA, with development centers in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur & Indore in India. Established in 2004, we help businesses embrace agility and transform digitally to stay competitive in the dynamic market. We enable businesses to grow with minimal staff, least skills along with 100% accurate and reliable solutions. Sigma offers Ecommerce website and mobile application development services for both B2C and B2B businesses.

In addition to the services that provide, to meet the Value-Added Services requirements of our prestigious clients we have partnerships with different vendors who provide dedicated services. We evaluate and position the right partner to fulfil the exact requirements of our clients. We ensure delivery of the right service at the right time from our partners. Some of the Value added services are below

Value Added Services Partners

Image Engine








Image Engine

Webpage speed and load time is always a factor for website owners, especially for eCommerce business. Around $40 Billion Missed sale is due to the slow loading of the website. The Load time is directly related to sales conversion. The user’s acceptable load time is less than 5 seconds. An Image CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help to reduce the payload. That means it will help to improve the load time. ImageEngine CDN helps the businesses to make their web applications fast and lightweight by providing the Global CDN caching content with a geographically distributed network.

CDN caches the content to the nearest geographic location of the end-user from where he is requesting. In addition to this CDN like ImageEngine have Device Aware Edge service, Image optimization, and much more.

Why do we need Image CDN?

  • The website is slow.

  • If a large percentage of the webpage content is image

  • The website is large with thousands of images.

  • The website is used by customers across the globe.

  • If the website is an eCommerce or dynamic website with frequently changing or updating content

  • The majority of users use mobile devices to browse the website content.

Benefits of Image CDN

  • Up to 80% smaller image payload
  • Faster page load
  • Higher search engine rank
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Low Bounce rate

Features of ImageEngine

  • ImageEngine’s device-aware technology, perfectly optimizes images without any change to your existing development environment.
  • Globally distributed CDN network for caching the content.
  • Reduce the Latency drastically and manage the spike traffic
  • ImageEngine helps to apply a different compression rate of image based on the user device PPI.
  • ImageEngine has modern image management capabilities like convert to WebP, JPEG-2000, Convert Animated GIF to MP4/aWebP in the supported devices.
  • URL based derivative to override the automated decision made by the Image Engine.
  • Easy to integrate with any platform which supports a CDN.
  • Delivers Images through HTTP/2 Protocol to improve the performance.
  • Automatic responsive image optimization


ConvertCart is a full suite Conversion Rate Optimisation SaaS product. With an experience of running 45000+ experiments in the past 4 years, they have helped 800+ e-commerce stores in the Americas, Western Europe and the UK, achieve significantly higher conversion rates and thereby: Some core features include A/B testing, Deep funnel analytics, Personalization, Internal Search Intelligence, Reviews, Exit Intent and 360 degree email workflow Automation.

Another key thing – before you consider getting on a demo with them, they run a no-cost audit to help you understand where you lose your revenue. This is for your perusal at no cost or commitment. All they need is 30 mins of your time where they present their report to you.

  • Better ROI on marketing spends
  • Higher average order value
  • Significantly better repeat purchase rate and,
  • An overall better CX.

What differentiates ConvertCart from what is already out there:

All-in-one suite

Instead of signing up with multiple plugins and tools to solve a range of problems, ConvertCart is a single consolidated ecosystem of tools that also cross leverage each other.

Full Service

ConvertCart has an in-house team of consultants that run the CRO process for the client involving deep analytics, problem identification, solutioning and strategy, design, development, testing and reporting.

Depth of experience

Having run 45000+ experiments over the last 3 years, the team brings an immense in-depth understanding of CRO with them.

The primary value-adds we were able to identify with ConvertCart are:

UI/UX upgrades

All major & minor UI/UX changes, tweaks, upgrades, etc which will lead to an increase in engagement & conversions


Covertcart’s Intellisearch module will deliver highly effective, immersive and engaging search suggestions, results & recommendations for your audience

Opt-ins & Exit popups

Smartly triggered email options with tailored & personalized content to aimed at increasing your customer email database

Email Workflows

Automated email workflows – abandon cart/browse, Welcome, Reviews, and any other custom workflows

A/B Testing

Continous A/B Testing to ensure that the changes made are leading to an increase in conversion rates


Verified user reviews which can be 100% moderated to increase engagement & conversions. Convertcart reviews are also Google Authenticated, hence helps your SEO efforts

Personalization & Recommendations

Tailored journeys for all users, across the experience. Critical for higher engagement and increased conversions

How does the integration work?

The integration is really simple. We need to add a JavaScript snippet on the head section of each page of your website. This can be achieved by simply copy-pasting ConvertCart script within the script manager. This would allow us to deploy improvements on your website’s experience as an overlay. All the improvements are loaded Asynchronously from Convertcart servers, which means that there is absolutely no impact on overall load times.

Full-Service Support:

Since the Technology comes with Full-Service Support you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will brainstorm which campaign to show to which segment of your visitors, the development, design, testing, reporting will be done by the Account Management Team

The only investment you need to make would be keeping aside 30 to 40 minutes to get on a call with my Account Manager weekly.

The below flowchart details how each implementation would be launched on your website.


PWAs give you a faster, more reliable, and more engaging version of your eCommerce store. Progressive Web Apps are reducing page load times by 300%, offering trailblazing mobile UX, and promising to upgrade the internet’s facade, it’s once again a story of technological potential manifesting a decade after the original concept.

Here are the main benefits for Business:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased user time on your site
  • Improves user experience
  • Increases your organic search traffic
  • Native apps are usually more expensive to create and maintain than PWA
  • Your most loyal customers can save your app on their home screen
  • All of the above means you will improve your profits
  • PWAs can also be added to app stores for greater discoverability
  • PWAs are programmed in one language and work across all devices while for Native apps you also have to take into account different operating systems (Apple, Android, etc.)
  • PWAs can be indexed and ranked by Google

The main PWA benefits for the user:

  • Faster – instant load time
  • Offline browsing
  • Better experience
  • PWAs use less data
  • 1-click access (save as an icon on your phone home screen)

You may have heard that Amazon is using a PWA. And Alibaba. And Uber. To put it simply, PWAs are the best choice right now for eCommerce. See some statistics

Alibaba increased conversions by 76%

AliExpress increased time spent by 74%

OLX increased engagement by 250%

OpenSooq generated 260% more leads

Twitter reduced data consumption by 70%

The Washington Post improved performance by 88%

Flipkart increased re-engagement rates by 40%

For Progressive Web Application implementation we have tie up with ScandiPWA and Jmango. Below are the details


ScandiPWA Powers the Biggest Magento PWA Store in the World

Why ScandiPWA

Get all PWA features out-of-the-box!

ScandiPWA allows you to enhance your existing Magento store, adding all great benefits provided by the PWA technology – Instant loading time, Homescreen App save, Offline mode, Push notifications, Ability to deploy your store to the App Store and Google Play stores, Open Source, Native app look and feel and many more features

The most efficient way to get PWA for your Magento store

ScandiPWA allows you to get PWA for Magento on the same infrastructure you have. ScandiPWA is a conventional theme that sits on top of Magento and connects to the same database and backend that you are already using. No need for extra middleware, DBs or build-servers!

ScandiPWA is feature-rich

ScandiPWA covers full purchase flow from product discovery, promotions, multi-store setup, multiple languages, currencies and domains, custom prices, customer registration, address book, customer group pricing, taxes, 301 redirects, simple, configurable, grouped and virtual products, elastic search.

SEO settings, popular shipping methods such as FedEx and UPS, payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Klarna to name just a few and there is a content update pulse with new release coming out every two weeks.

ScandiPWA ensures data integrity

We introduced a smart caching layer between the user and database to enable content delivery to your customers in milliseconds. Usually, PWAs introduce a no-SQL database to serve content faster, which in turn brings the risk of running out of sync between order processing database in Magento and customer-facing database, which serves data to PWA front-end.

ScandiPWA reads and writes directly to Magento ensuring that back-end operations, reporting, and integrations stay intact.

ScandiPWA is developer-friendly

The theme uses a single data exchange interface – GraphQL, introduced by Magento, while extending it and optimizing. Many PWA solutions have multiple data exchange channels, using GraphQL, REST API, and proprietary data requests to NoSQL database that complicates development, testing, and maintenance.

Open-source PWA theme

ScandiPWA is open-source already used by thousands of developers worldwide across hundreds of stores.


Why Jmango

  • JMango360’s Open Saas-Platform enables you to strengthen your mobile portfolio by designing, launching and optimizing mobile ecommerce apps
  • You’ll be able to build stunning PWA and Native apps for iOS & Android that boost mobile sales and loyalty.
  • If your mobile capabilities need topping up, Jmango’s solution can help you quickly transform into a one-stop shop for both m-commerce and e-commerce.
  • Use JMango360’s platform to build lightning-fast native apps and PWAs with all the extra features mobile shoppers love.

The Advantages

  • Boost mobile sales and loyalty
  • Add a new service and revenue stream without additional investment
  • Strengthen your proposition over competitors
  • Lower the chance of customers going elsewhere
  • Drive more projects into the pipeline

Feature of Jmango Service

Completing your mobile portfolio

Jmango’s Open SaaS solution lets you build, design and manage mobile apps yourself:

Award-winning technology

Launch mobile apps and PWAs fast and easy, keeping it scalable and simple.

Sales-driving features

Put standard m-commerce features to work straight out-of-the-box.

Deeply integrated

Connect seamlessly to all major commerce platforms. Magento, BigCommerce and more.

Beautiful design

Play Picasso and add the elements you want with open-source design tools.

Marketing campaigns

Jmango can also help you build an app marketing campaign to further boost results.


Managed hosting was always associated with an expert helping with best efforts, to keep your website running. So, you see advertised “15 minute response time” benchmark. The industry evolved to give a platform as a solution. LuroConnect is taking the lead now by redefining managed hosting.

The luroConnect stack comes with many features like


Web Application Firewall using the open source ModSecurity project and built into LuroConnect nginx. Rules are configurable per customer depending on their environment and issues they may have.

Image Optimization

Image quality is one of the key drivers for eCommerce, especially fashion. However, page load suffers when image size grows. With increasing device screen quality, higher internet speeds and CDNs, the balance is quickly going in favour of quality to speed. It is important to deliver the device dependent quality and size images.

Image generation in Magento is flawed and assumes one solution is acceptable to all. luroConnect Image Optimization fixes these flaws.

Magento LuroConnect
When is an image generated Pre 2.3, synchronous with frontend 2.3, synchronous with product save Asynchronous – queued on product save
Webp support No support Supported – needs img tag change
High resolution 2x, 3x, Retina display Possible with img tag change – but makes synchronous problem worse Supported asynchronously with img tag change
Other image optimizations Not possible In the roadmap such as progressive jpeg


A Periodic reports on the site health, can even be customized. Example checkout speed, response to most popular URLs, cache status, etc


Display of health of the site with charts and tables

Shows how the defence mechanisms are working – IPs rate limited, BOTs accessing and blocked, Hits blocked by WAF, etc

Configurable : Decide what dashboard elements to see

Analytics that shows avg hits / min and avg response time / min

Alerts (can be hooked to external systems like SMS, pager duty, etc)

Site slow (avg response below a value for x consecutive minutes)

Site down (no hits + access gives bad response). Much smarter than uptimerbot and other tools which are not aware of live traffic to the site.

Return status from web server
(4xx, 5xx, etc)

Disk exceeds threshold

Interactive Control Panel

Used by SRE or customer to block IPs, BOTs, run Magento indexing, deploy code to live, etc.

Control Panel protected by 2-factor
authentication and AC

Zero downtime code deploy

Hooked to any CI/CD pipeline – Bitbucket pipeline, Jenkins, etc. Starts from the deployment package made at the tail end of a CI/CD pipeline

Using an additional instance and load balancing to roll out new code

New server addition suffers from cold start of php – our opcache warmer ensures the new instance is ready to serve traffic

Smart Varnish / FPC cache warmer

Like all caches, FPC when cleared has a warm start problem. Traditionally crawlers are used to warm the cache. However, they suffer from warming the cache with the wrong URLs. luroConnect smart cache warmer uses history of recent hits to decide what URLs to warm the cache with.

Disaster Recovery Plan

20 minute data loss and 15 minute recovery time

DR server can be used to do readonly tasks like run reports

Backup can be used to create staging / dev server for debugging live issues

Restore on another cloud provider

Demonstrated readiness

Secure, performant stack

Scientifically sized including autoscaling groups w/ special Black Friday (high sale) configuration

OWASP Top 10 security risks requires secure policies that are not possible in WAF. Our stack supports them.

Multi-layered secure hosting – based on first principles, avoids many “zero-day” (or new) website hacks.

Self healing cache management

Right sized servers – cost optimized and yet performant

Servers are sized right to start with. For example, not all websites need autoscale, so one size does not fit all.

Size is continuously monitored

Path based routing + load balancing + static scale rules + autoscale

Popular Use Case 1 : Admin traffic routed to separate servers with higher timeouts. Traffic routed back to the main server during normal use.

Popular Use Case 2 : During high promotions, checkout served from separate autoscaling group Traffic routed back to main server during normal use.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is not devops

SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineer, popularized by google. That position is not devops, which generally is concerned with CI/CD. SRE is application aware site monitoring and IT operations. Their main duty is to be proactive and respond to alerts based on SLA.

SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) service 24×7

  • Respond to automatic alerts and tickets
  • SLA based response
  • Trace issues and act
  • Help developers debug issues that are not hosting related
  • Firewall between developers / devops and production servers

What type of customers are potentials?

  • Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Had a recent problem due to downtime
  • Had a recent security issue – such as magecart hack
  • Fashion sites can be pitched image optimization – we can demo them what a sample page would look like with our image optimization. Even Magento 1.
  • If you see a customer cloud servers are not using CPU and memory – the 8 core 32 GB server(s), we can help reduce their costs and get better performance.
  • Had a recent performance issue – we do not have to wait till next Black Friday peak. We can start now, host them well and during the holiday season we can increase our charges to include an autoscale set up to handle the sale.
  • Disaster Recovery has many uses – some customers want to run reports on the live site. They can run them on the backup. This has been used by many of our customers.


Webscale, the “Any Platform” Commerce Cloud, is the leader in cloud hosting, automation and management for global ecommerce businesses.Unlike traditional hosting solutions, Webscale is a highly automated,SaaS platform that provides customers with unprecedented control and insight into their infrastructure. A powerful portal delivers 360° visibility into application performance, uptime, and security, while providing granular control over how traffic is managed within the infrastructure, improving user experience and conversions.Webscale manages 3,000+ online stores in the public cloud, for businesses in nine countries, including seven of the Fortune 1000.

Key Benefits

100% uptime – predictive application auto-scaling, load balancing and other automated tools that ensure “always-on” availability.
Blazing fast websites end-end website performance optimizations,from the Internet edge to the application.
Deep insight and visibility via Webscale’s intuitive portal providing a comprehensive view of infrastructure and user experience.
Any platform, any cloud – AWS, GCP, Azure and a wide range of ecommerce platforms supported.
360° security with complete protection against traffic-based attacks,bots, and malware.
Fast, efficient cloud migration in 4 weeks. Support for M1 storefronts post June 2020.
Award-winning proactive support from a team of cloud certified experts with deep experience in the ecommerce segment.


A truly managed, high-performance cloud solution built to optimize Magento, WooCommerce and WordPress sites, stores and applications, Nexcess has been serving SMBs and the designers, developers and agencies who create for them for more than 20 years.Nexcess holds data centers around the world that deliver performance, reliability, auto-scaling and management control through our best-in-class open stack cloud platform.Known for continuous innovation, modern technology, a scalable platform and access to world-class eCommerce and technical expertise, Nexcess has a product for every project and comprehensive management for sites and stores of every size.

Nexcess make great content & commerce platforms better to build on


At-the-ready for volume spikes

  • Single-click auto scaling
  • 99.99% uptime
  • PHP optimization
  • PHP7 support


Keeping your site safe and sound

  • 24/7 monitoring & alert response
  • Premium SSL Certs
  • PCI-certified for compliance
  • Proactive Patching & Updates


Driving traffic and keeping it there

  • Near-instant asset caching
  • Customizable tech stacks
  • Auto platform & plug-in updates
  • Container add-ons


Platform-specific expertise

  • 24/7/365 support team
  • Proactive service monitoring
  • Free white-glove site migration
  • Magento Master on staff


Get in touch with us, let's create value together.