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Conquer these 5 areas for a kickass PHP development

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Conquer these 5 areas for a kickass PHP development Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every programming language has a set of define standards which coders need to follow to deliver bug-free and efficient programs. Adherence to standards become even more critical and required when there are bunch of peeps working simultaneously on a project or task.

Since Magento, a leading ecommerce platform, is built with PHP, I’d like to share best practices in 5 key areas which can help you get more out of Magento. Following compilation is inspired from PHP the right way website, a one stop place to know everything about PHP.

1. Databases

If database is not handled in proper way, there are chances of it getting hacked. The Database section on the website explains how to handle databases and avoid unnecessary risk. It also shares best practices on how to use database efficiently.

2. Caching

For every ecommerce player, page load time matters a lot. In fact, it’s a make or break feature. If load time is good the site will perform even under low speed network conditions. Thus, increasing and maintaining happy customers and conversions. PHP provides caching mechanism which decreases the page load time. Access the caching section for best practices and checklists.

3. Errors and exceptions

It is very human to have errors and exceptions in our codes. Important thing is to catch and arrest them at the right place and at the right time. This section explains different types of errors and exceptions and how to handle them.

4. Security

Security is the utmost critical aspect of any program, today. It can be applied to physical or logical objects. PHP has its own mechanism to provide security to the application, provided it was implemented correctly. This section explains about various levels of security and its implementation.

5. Coding practices

A poorly coded program makes it difficult for further scaling or re-using of application. Learn best coding practices and leverage them in your projects, programs, or just to enhance your knowledge!

Hope this blog and the sections help you develop a kickass PHP program and gets you better return on your Magento efforts.

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