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Common Reasons for an eCommerce Startup Failure - Sigma

Common Reasons for an eCommerce Startup Failure

eCommerce startups are the new thing, especially after the breakout of the COVID pandemic. All the new startups want to expand their business online, but a lot of planning and effort is needed to succeed
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Software Product Design Data-Driven vs User-Driven - Sigma
BlogUI and UX

Software Product Design: Data Driven vs User Driven

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, one question reigns supreme: how do we craft products that users adore? Two seemingly opposing approaches dominate the design battlefield: data-driven design, armed with cold, hard metrics, and user-driven design, wielding empathy and intuition as its weapons. But what if the answer lies…
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Checklist of an eCommerce Business Setup

16 Things to be in the Checklist of an eCommerce Business Setup

The world is no longer the same. The new digital world has dramatically influenced the eCommerce industry and forced business owners to use technology to start an eCommerce business. Since the pandemic, most people have opted for online shopping today more than ever, and it’s a perfect time for you…
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US Fintech Market Growth, Trends and Forecast

US FinTech Market Growth, Trends and Forecast

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, technology has emerged as a disruptive force, reshaping traditional practices and giving rise to the dynamic realm of FinTech. The United States, as a global financial powerhouse, stands at the forefront of this revolution, witnessing unprecedented growth, embracing transformative trends, and setting the stage…
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Adobe App Builder & API Mesh
Application DevelopmentBlogProduct Engineering

Unlock eCommerce with Adobe App Builder & API Mesh

Businesses are working hard to create immersive, user-friendly eCommerce experiences for their customers. To meet customer expectations, businesses must enhance shopping experiences with more services and expand on native capabilities. Adobe Commerce is one of the most flexible eCommerce solutions available in the market. With a modular and open architecture,…
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Ecommerce Infrastructure for the Peak Season

Ways to Prepare your eCommerce Infrastructure for the Peak Season

The digital world is no longer the same. As peak season looms, many eCommerce businesses are trying to prepare themselves for the massive rise in their customer orders. At the time when this holiday season is about to hit another record-setting number of sales for online retailers, ensuring the seamless…
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Key questions to ask when evaluating BI Tools
BI & AnalyticsBI ToolsBlog

5 Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating BI Tools

Geoffrey Moore, an American expert, said that companies without big data analytics are like blind and deaf deer on the web. The market has many different vendors for BI tools because of technology, but each tool is unique. The overall view may appear clear and an impressive demonstration may convince…
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Embedded Analytics and its advantages - Sigma
AnalyticsBlogEmbedded Analytics

Current State of Embedded Analytics and Its Advantages

Embedded Analytics is the ruler of the businesses in this modern digital world. Analytics have been embedded ubiquitously into almost all the areas of life starting from applications, consumer gadgets, and other intelligent things. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Embedded Analytics market is expected to grow from USD 60.47 billion…
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