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Visualizing Data with Tableau

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Visualizing Data with Tableau Reading Time: 4 minutes
Data Visualization with Tableau

In the present time where there are huge amounts of data to analyze and work with, it is important to present the data in a visually aesthetically manner. The visual representation helps to better understand the data in hand and make data-driven decisions. It is time-saving and easy to analyze the data represented in the form of a graph, pie charts, maps, etc. instead of huge tables of numbers.

Tableau offers a powerful drag and drop interface for visualizing the massive amounts of data quickly. It is the swiftest-growing data visualization tool that enables its users to convert numerical and textual information into interactive and clean dashboards.

According to Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms rates, Tableau is the leader among all the data visualization tools from the past seven consecutive years.

Companies across the world have been using various data visualization tools to improve business intelligence. There are a lot of other reasons because of which companies use data visualization tools:

  1. Data of large volumes can be easily spotted and quickly analyzed.
  2. The whole of the information is conveyed in a uniform manner with data visualization.
  3. Visualized information gives its users a better insight into the topic.
  4. It helps the users to make data-driven decisions and predict the future quickly.
  5. Users easily get to know about the loopholes and the places where adjustments need to be made.
  6. Data visualization provides scalability.

Because of the above-mentioned benefits, businesses across the globe have started to visualize the data at a faster pace.

Now, let us take a look at the reasons which make Tableau among all the tools available in the market the best tool for data visualization:

Significant Visualization Capabilities

Tableau comes with unparalleled capabilities of visualizing huge amounts of data. Unstructured statistical information is quickly converted into comprehensive results that are available in several types of graphics. These include fully functional and interactive dashboards. These capabilities of visualizing information are superior to the ones offered by the traditional business vendors like Oracle Data Visualization or IBM’s products for data rendition. There is no data visualization tool that can provide illustrations and design quality as provided by tableau.

Multiple Data Source Connections

Tableau connects with various data sources, stored in various places. For example, the data stored in spreadsheets, txt files, big data, relational or cube database and much more are compatible with tableau. Even a variety of data sources like HADOOP, SAP, and DB Technologies are also supported by tableau software. These improve data analytics quality and helps in creating a unified dashboard. These are highly interactive dashboards that provide access to the information needed by the users.

High Performance

Tableau is a favorite of its users not only because of its unmatchable data visualization capabilities but also for its robustness, reliability, and security. The tool operates really faster on millions of rows of data. This ease of operation makes the performance of tableau faster and powerful compared to dozens of tools available in the market.

Ease of Use

Tableau is quite user-friendly as the users who don’t know programming can also use its drag-and-drop feature to create visuals. Users can use the basic applications’ functionalities to the fullest and create catchy diagrams using the raw data with its easy drag-and-drop feature. This feature eliminates the need for the help of the IT department in the pattern building. Even dashboard development can be done without having in-depth training. But, for knowing the solution’s capabilities, users need proper training and the IT department’s help is also required.

Mobile- friendly

Another benefit of using tableau for data visualization is its efficient mobile app for both Android and iOS. With the app, the tableau users have all the data available at their fingertips as the app supports functionality that the desktop and online versions have.

Active Community and Forum

Tableau has an active community and forum of its users which share their knowledge about data parsing and reporting. The number of community members is steadily increasing making it a highly active community. Forum visitors and members share their expertise and readily help other users in solving their issues.

Easy to Upgrade

Another core benefit of using tableau is its easy upgrades. The software carries upgrades easily without stopping the functioning of the software.

Despite all the unbeatable data visualization and designing capabilities, there are a few reasons which create a little hindrance in the usage of the tableau. Let’s take a look at a few major of these reasons:

High Price

When compared to business intelligence solutions like Oracle and IBM, tableau may not cost more but, its license is a little pricy from small and medium companies. Even the overhead price of its deployment, implementation, maintenance, and staff training is quite high which may be a disadvantage for some of the companies.

Inflexible Pricing

It is mandatory for the tableau’s clients to purchase their extended license from the start which includes all its features. Most of the companies have a certain specific set of data visualization requirements for which they prefer buying a unique set of required ones and not the extra ones. But, tableau does not come with a flexible case-by-case approach for its customers making it another major disadvantage of using tableau.

Poor Versioning

Another main disadvantage of using tableau is poor versioning which means that the recent versions of the software support the revision history whereas rolling back is impossible for the older versions.

Resource and Time- intensive Staff Training

Tableau comes with infinite features that are impossible to learn without proper training. No doubt, for the basic use of application no training is required but for the getting immense benefit from the tool, comprehensive training is required. It may take weeks or months for the learning part alone to make the best use of the tool’s functionality. This is another disadvantage of using tableau.

Clearly, the benefits of using Tableau for data visualization outweigh the limitations of using it. And with Tableau now merging with Salesforce, while still operating under its own brand, Tableau is expected to accelerate its growth and retain its market leader position. Still, it is advised to consider the requirements, price and analyze other major factors while purchasing it.

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