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Hyvä Vs PWA: Where to Invest?

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Hyvä and PWA are currently among the most popular names in the eCommerce front-end landscape. Both offer multiple benefits and are highly favored by eCommerce companies, making the choice between them a difficult decision.

To help you save time and avoid extra work on research, we will examine the key features of Hyvä and PWA and consider the factors that may influence your decision when selecting one for your website’s front-end design.


What is the Hyvä Theme?

Hyvä Theme is a powerful frontend for Magento 2 that allows you to build lightweight and fast-loading eCommerce websites.

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What is Magento PWA?

Magento PWA integrates the top features of conventional websites and native mobile apps. It offers a smooth user experience. You receive quick loading, offline availability, and the option to send push notifications. Magento 2 PWAs are created to function seamlessly on a range of different devices.

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Capabilities of Hyvä theme & PWA

Sr No Parameters Hyvä Magento 2 PWA
1 Performance Hyvä places a strong emphasis on performance. The platform achieves this by optimizing the frontend code, reducing unnecessary bloat, and utilizing modern rendering techniques. The result is a lightning-fast website that loads quickly and provides a smooth browsing experience for users. Headless Commerce reigns supreme in speed and flexibility thanks to its decoupled architecture.
2 Better SEO Optimization Leveraging the Hyvä Theme can greatly enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. The theme’s simple and effective code, along with its focus on performance, leads to faster page loading times, a crucial factor for search engine ranking algorithms.

Hyvä also ensures that your website is responsive across various devices, contributing to its SEO rankings. Moreover, the theme’s modular architecture simplifies the application of SEO best practices, ranging from optimizing meta tags to enhancing site structure and organizing content.

(A) Faster Page Loading Speed – With headless commerce, the front-end and back-end are decoupled, allowing developers to optimize each separately. This can result in faster loading times for web pages.
(B) Mobile Optimization – Headless commerce allows for the creation of separate front-end experiences tailored specifically for mobile devices. Since mobile-friendliness is a significant factor in SEO rankings.
(C) Scalability and Performance – Headless Architectures are more scalable and can handle larger volumes of traffic without sacrificing performance. This can prevent issues like downtime or slow loading times, which can negatively affect SEO rankings.
3 Development Efforts Since Hyvä relies on a modular architecture, developers can develop components separately. With fewer dependencies, it is possible to reuse the code or the entire component instead of writing them from scratch. Magento Headless Commerce provides greater flexibility and customization options. By decoupling the frontend and backend, developers can leverage modern frontend technologies like React, Vue.js, or Angular to build highly customized storefronts while still benefiting from Magento’s robust backend features. While this approach offers more flexibility, it may require more development time, especially for complex projects.
4 Scalability With the Hyvä theme, saving time and money becomes even more feasible as your business scales. Quicker development and efficient maintenance allow for handling growth without exponential increases in development expenses. Future scalability and adaptability to new technologies are critical.
5 Customization Flexibility Since each module is represented as an independent unit, modifications can be made safely without breaking the logic. With Hyvä’s Compatibility Modules functionality, customization of Magento modules is possible, although it may require some coding effort. Offers deep customization capabilities with access to the source code. Users can customize both frontend and backend aspects extensively.
6 Ease of use / Third – party Integrations It is designed to integrate various e-commerce functionalities and features easily, making it easier to use third-party tools, extensions, and payment gateways on the theme. Provides flexibility in integrating with third-party services, but integration may require more development effort and customization.
7 Apps/extension ecosystem Hyvä is more than a Magento theme. It is an extension ecosystem supported by a community; at the moment, it supports almost 400+ extensions. They also have partner agencies that contribute to the growth of the Hyvä ecosystem and product, including highly compatible extensions. Provides access to the Magento Marketplace for extensions and integrations. While the marketplace offers a variety of extensions, some may be tailored more towards Adobe Commerce.
8 Support & Maintenance Websites created with Hyvä are easier to maintain and support compared to those built with Magento Luma. Hyvä has fewer dependencies and features a clear, consistent code, along with modules designed for specific features. This means you can quickly find and fix issues. Relies on community support and documentation for assistance. Users are responsible for maintenance, including updates, security patches, and server management. Relies on community support and documentation for assistance. Users are responsible for maintenance, including updates, security patches, and server management.
9 Mobile Commerce Hyvä themes are designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring your site looks and performs flawlessly on all devices. Opting for a Progressive Web App (PWA) is an excellent choice when you prefer to avoid developing separate mobile apps or lack the budget for it at the moment.

Magento PWA mobile apps provide a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience with offline browsing, push notifications, and home screen access. PWAs deliver an app-like experience with smooth animations, intuitive navigation, and fast loading times. They utilize a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes and orientations, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.

10 Community and Resources — Purchasing a Hyvä theme grants access to the Hyvä community, offering support through a private slack room.

— The Hyvä community provides resources, documentation, and support to developers, ensuring that they can effectively implement and extend the capabilities of Hyvä themes.

For more details please see this:

The Magento Headless Commerce community offers a wealth of resources, including forums for discussions, comprehensive DevDocs, and GitHub for collaboration.



Which option should you invest in? There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every merchant. Your decision should depend on your particular business needs and priorities. Based on the overview we provided of both technologies, we trust you will make the decision that best suits your needs.

At Sigma, we have practical experience in creating both Hyvä and PWA storefronts and can assist you in either area.

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