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Reasons & Strategies to do Branding for Better E-commerce Sales

8 Important Reasons to do Branding for Better E-commerce Sales

Branding is an age-long strategy to build a name and image of a company or business. Branding helps to give proper recognition to the brand, but at the same time, it also allows the brand to grow and thrive even in new environments. However, it is equally challenging for the…
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Top 6 Ecommerce platforms in the year 2021

Top E-Commerce Platforms in the Year 2021

To run a successful business at present, one needs to have an online presence and need a virtual platform to achieve that. The online retail industry has become a highly competitive space to engage all the businesses. The various e-commerce platforms available power this space with new and exciting features.…
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Top Voice Commerce trends for 2021 to be followed
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Top Voice Commerce Trends for 2021 to be Followed

The world is changing at a much faster pace than ever and especially in technology. Online marketing trends are changing every day, and keeping pace with them have become a challenge and necessity for all businesses. Among all the recent trends in the e-commerce industry, one trend that has topped…
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How to Optimize magento conversion rate and boost sales right away

How to Optimize Magento Conversion Rate & Boost Sales Right Away

Having an e-commerce website is not sufficient, you constantly need to come up with effective strategies to let it grow digitally in the market and have a high conversion rate as well. To double the sales of your Magento e-commerce stores, continuous improvements in the optimization of the website. Here,…
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6 Simple Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction
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6 Simple Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the most important factor to focus on as it has a great impact on your business revenue. Customer satisfaction, in short means that the product and services meets the customers’ expectations. If there is a bad customer experience, it would have a direct impact on your brand’s…
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Ecommerce Trends - 2021

E-commerce Trends 2021

The last decade has witnessed a rise in online shoppers, E-commerce businesses, and many new technological advances. With the COVID pandemic, affecting the shopping behavior of the people, online shopping became the primary way of shopping. With all these advancements and changes in the audience's shopping pattern, the E-commerce sector…
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Magento 2.4 latest security enhancements
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Magento 2.4 Latest Security Enhancements That you Need to Know

The latest enhancements to the Magento Commerce platform that include greater security and new analytical tools for improved self-service site management. This blog post explains the new security features that are updated in the version Magento 2.4. Topics are: Custom VCL TLS and Fastly Managed Alerts Site-Wide Analysis Tool (SWAT)…
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