Top 4 Magento Extensions to Boost Sales

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Top 5 Magento Extensions to Boost Sales Reading Time: 3 minutes
Top 4 Best Magento Extension to Boost Sales

In the present era of the Internet, we all are well-aware about the power of e-commerce. With more than 100 thousand busiest sites worldwide, Magento is the most popular e-commerce technology platform. Its user-friendliness and scalability in management make it the top choice of website owners and web designers.

If you are an online e-store owner, then you know the importance of sale value for business growth and boosting the sales is always a priority.

We have jotted down a few of the great extensions for your Magento 2 website to boost  your credibility as a merchant and, enhance the customer experience and increase the overall profit:

1. Language Translator

Magento’s language translator extension is a wonderful tool to establish your business’ reach among international clients effectively. Language is a no more barrier for the e-commerce websites to sell their products. Magento 2 Language Translator automatically translates the CMS page details, product details, product attributes etc. A few other amazing benefits of the language translator are:

  • It allows the owner to manage language translator settings easily from the Admin Panel. You can take the complete control of the content to be translated along with the text type fields for the Products, CMS Pages and categories and much more.
  • It allows you to quickly translate Product details and CMS Page details from one language to another. Whether it is general Product details or the Meta details, everything can be easily done with a few clicks.
  • It allows the Admin to translate the product categories to any language for any of the stores through Magento 2 Language Switcher.

Here is the link for Language Translator extension –

2. Delivery Date Scheduler

Magento’s Delivery Date Scheduler enhances the overall shopping experience of the customers. The extension enables the customers to select the order delivery date and time according to their preference. It enables to reach up to the expectations of the customers as they are able to select the delivery date and time according to their preference. Delivery Date Scheduler has the following benefits for your e-commerce business:

  • It creates a good impression of your e-commerce store by letting the customers to choose the delivery date and time conveniently.
  • The extension also enables the admin to decide the minimum and maximum delivery timelines along with their dates. It gives the admin privilege and freedom to display the dates when it is convenient to deliver the particular product.
  • It comes packed with a smooth user-interface for the admin to manage the backend operations and for the users to enjoy the frontend shopping time.

Here is the link for Delivery Date Scheduler –

3. FedEx Smart Shipping

FedEx smart shipping extension is a boon for the e-commerce stores as it allows the admin to manage all the aspects of FedEx freight shipping directly from the dashboard. Live shipping rates, shipment tracking information, address validation, FedEx configuration management and much more is easily accomplished by the extension. There are multiple good reasons for using this extension for your e-commerce store:

  • It enables the admin to remain updated with the live shipping rates of FedEx. You even are allowed to configure the rates when you don’t want to show the rates to the customers.
  • FedEx freight shipping extension is very easy to install and can quickly manage everything from the Magento dashboard.
  • FedEx smart shipping extension is fully featured and enables you to stay updated with every detail related to the product delivery whether it is delivery address, time or the tracking information- everything is a win-win with this extension.

4. Advance Search with Solr

Advance Search with Solr is a boon for the e-commerce websites having thousands of products online for their customers. It may consume a lot of time of the customers to search for the desired products and this extension lessons the search time. Being an open-source and enterprise level solution, it is one of the most popular search extensions available for the e-commerce websites. Its benefits are as follows:

  • Advance Search with Solr extension provides dynamic clustering that helps the customers to find the desired product within no time.
  • It has faceted and geospatial search options to make the whole search process quicker and easier for the customers.
  • It easily gets integrated with the database to provide faster and advanced searches.

Magento extensions can help you to turn your virtual store into your dream with extraordinary features. Starting from simplifying the checkout process to the building of mobile apps for your e-commerce store, everything can be easily done with these superfluous extensions. Take look at the most popular and useful extensions and integrate with your e-commerce website.