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Top Magento E-commerce Website Designs of 2019

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Top Magento E-commerce Website Designs of 2019 Reading Time: 4 minutes
Magento E-commerce Website Designs

Talking about elite E-commerce platforms, Magento has come out to be the favorite of millions and billions of online retailers worldwide. With its two versions: Magento 1 and Magento 2, small and large businesses have been able to develop cost-effective yet robust websites for their businesses.

E-commerce industry is growing rapidly and the customers are demanding more personalized shopping experience. With a lot of features and user-friendly front-end, Magento has helped businesses to achieve the same and grow to new heights. Discussing about great Magento websites, below are some of the best Magento website designs of 2019 to take some great tips from:

1. Helly Hensen
One of the biggest Magento’s cloud projects of the year 2016, Helly Hensen has a global website operating 30 stores in 6 languages. The website has just the right apparel for your trek trip, soccer match or any other adventure. Build using Magento platform, it comes with advanced integrations like WordPress, Salesforce etc. to engage the visitors and returning customers.

2. Jaguar
Luxury car manufacturing Brand, Jaguar has developed an engaging website for its customers. The website allows visitors to interact with their highly skilled engineers and designers to clear all the doubts and select the right model matching your requirements. These luxury clients prove the credibility of Magento when it comes to building high-end, feature-rich websites for the customers.

3. Bulgari
With no introduction required, the luxury brand has its non-transactional website using the Magento platform. The website creates a luxe branded experience and allows its visitors to discover the products in detail and feel the exclusivity of the brand.

4. TeaTox
TeaTox produces naturally brewed tea to keep its customer ever-young and fit. It’s each and every product consists of naturally-grown and cultivated and organic ingredients which are completely free from artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavors, and additives. The design of the website is so clear and attractive which engages the visitors’ attention at first glimpse and urges them to engage with the website.

5. Cowshed
If you are a spa lover, then this website is your one-stop shop for everything you need to pamper your body. The company has spa and bath products as well as essential oils to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The products offered by Cowshed are made using wildcrafted plant extracts, organic and beautifully aromatic. The developer has given a subtle and soothing effect to the website which gives a refreshing feeling at first glance.

6. Mophie
One of the best websites offering uniquely styled mobile cases is also developed using Magento platform. The website is loved by its native audience for mobile covers as well as its juicy battery pack case, which is the first ever battery case approved by Apple. You can take tips from the simple and attractive design of the website to attract your target audience from Mophie’s website.

7. G2A
A favorite of the online gamers worldwide, this website too is developed using Magento platform. It features more than 50 thousand products and has catered to over 12 million customers; G2A is rising to become the top destination for online game lovers to purchase gaming essentials. This website shows the expandability of the Magento platform when it comes to showcase a wide number of products.

8. Ford
Another global big name producing four-wheels also uses the Magento platform to cater to the demands of its customers online. It showcases its car models and the product catalog allows visitors to select the model of car they want to look for and provides him/ her with an optimized journey.

9. Oliver Sweeney
One of the world’s finest shoemaking companies was also among a first few major Magento store launches featuring a strong, functional layout. It has a quick view size selector available on the product listing pages and multiple collapsable fields on product details pages to make the shopping experience smooth and easy.

10. Pepe Jeans
One of the famous clothing brands, Pepe Jeans also uses the Magento platform to reach out to its audience sitting online. The website operates in 10 different languages and multiple currencies smoothly and it features the editorial lookbook pages are an interesting way of product storytelling. Even upon moving from category to category, the navigation changes styling. Taking tips from this website, one can use them to develop an interesting website for one’s own business.

11. Wrangler Europe
The clothing line, Wrangler has an amazing website featuring a great mix of user-generated content in two ways- visual and in the form of product reviews. It has an effective product detail layout page and a fit finder tool which enhances the customers’ shopping experience. The website is another great example of Magento’s success in developing responsive E-commerce websites.

12. Lee Europe
The setup of Lee clothing brand’s website is almost similar to that of Wrangler Europe but with a few differences. The company is using functional E-commerce product photography with more lifestyle-oriented images on its product landing pages to enhance the customer experience.

13. Chopard
The Swiss luxury watchmaker company, Chopard too has recently migrated to Magento’s E-commerce platform to showcase its products online. The website is not transactional but it has a feature to locate nearby stores which displays both own store location and third-party stockists globally.

14. Land Rover
Famous for its four-wheelers, Land Rover’s website showcases the merchandise in the form of clothing for children, men, and women as well as gifts and other stuff. The website layouts the products in interesting ways: grid and list view to optimize the view as per the liking of the viewer. The checkout process of the page is quite simple and easy to enhance the customer experience.

15. Liverpool FC
The famous sports brand features all its products for sale through the website developed using Magento platform. The website’s homepage tells the product story in an interesting way to grab the attention of visitors and also deliver personalized service for the visitors.

The article shows some of the globally renowned brands which have successfully addressed its target audience’ demands and have provided them optimized shopping experience as well. Magento comes with a powerful CRM to take businesses of every scale at the top among its competitors. With high-end luxury brands benefiting from Magento’s powers then there should be no doubt in your mind to use Magento to make an effective online presence of your business too.

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