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Sigma’s web-based reporting solution

Energy Saving Management – Pentaho

Sigma’s web-based reporting solution, using Pentaho, helped in increasing portability, with over 5% saving in strategic analysis for a large energy company.

BI tool for Retail Supply Chain Management

Retail Supply Chain Management

Sigma’s Pentaho BI tool enables 40% cost savings on functionality development. How can we quickly build reporting functionalities into our solution which will support a full range of transactions such as purchase orders, price updates and invoices?

eCommerce solutions for a job portal client

Making Of Job Portal

Better jobs and faster hiring through Sigma’s innovative collective employment platform for job seekers and employers. How can we create a collective platform that will offer good jobs and candidates simultaneously to job seekers and employers, respectively?

Micro financing solutions

Micro Financing Management

The client was one of the leading micro financing institutions based out of the US. This institution used an MS Access based application to run its business processes, which was installed on every user desktop’s to perform various functions such as processing, review, funding, collections etc.

BIRT Solution

Succession Planning Made Easy For Companies – BIRT Solution

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to deliver a solution ‘on time’, ‘within budget’ and ‘defect free’. The sync program connects to Human Resource web applications on the internet, Cloud and SAAS, among others.

Student Learning Analytics Program Solutions

Student Learning Analytics

Changing traditional school and teaching methodologies. Sigma’s innovative Student Learning Analytics Program aids smoother school administration and smarter teaching. How can we streamline the school administration and make teaching methodology smarter by leveraging technology?

Web Based Reporting System

Pentaho Web Based Reporting System

Improved customer convenience through Sigma’s web based reporting system. The client has been a leading provider of information on crude oil and natural gas prices to customers, ranging from industrial consumers, marketers, oil and gas operators, investors, litigation support, etc.

Future ready e-commerce store solutions

Next Generation Web Portal

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop a future ready e-commerce store. The Sigma team visited the client organization to better understand their requirements.

Real Time Data For Emergency Medical Services

Real Time Data For Emergency Medical Services

Create, deliver and consume real-time data seamlessly through Sigma’s comprehensive BI solution...