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March 28, 2019

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two hot buzzwords at the present time and are often used interchangeably. There has been a lot of confusion about these two and most people still refer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as equivalent words and use them reciprocally, while others utilize them as…
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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial IntelligenceBlog
March 21, 2019

8 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence has Shaped the World

Among all the advancements made in the technology, one innovation which is shaping the future of all the industries is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence has improved the ways in which industries across the globe are operating in the present time by introducing chatbots, voice recognition, picture search, cyptocurrencies and…
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B2B capabilities
March 14, 2019

Ways to Enhance Your B2B Capabilities with Magento

To a surprise, 93 percent of the business-to-business buyers prefer to buy online and communicate directly with the vendors. In the present digital world, where the marketplace is crowded with B2B e-commerce website, buyers expect seamless online experience and account management just like B2C. With the companies focusing on personalizing…
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Ecommerce Checkout Page
March 7, 2019

All about E-Commerce Checkout Page

E-commerce checkout process holds the same importance for retailers as any website’s landing page. Due to the soaring customer expectations and increasing demand for personalized services across multiple channels, the E-commerce retailers have started paying attention to smoothen up the checkout process. Shopping cart abandonment and decreased conversion rate on…
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headless CMS
BlogHeadless CMS
February 28, 2019

What Is a Headless CMS and Whether we Should Use One?

Only back-end content management system built to use as the content repository is headless content management system or headless CMS. A headless content management system, or headless CMS. Headless CMS makes content accessible via a RESTful API for display on any device. The term “headless” comes from the concept of…
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Magento BI Essentials
BI & AnalyticsBlogeCommerceeCommerceMagento
February 21, 2019

Magento BI Essentials for the year 2019

In the present competitive time, it is necessary to keep innovating the new ways to sustain and grow online. To excel in the industry, businesses need business intelligence to analyze the top customers, products and much more. Data analysis also plays a crucial part in the success of a business…
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ecommerce trends
Artificial IntelligenceBlogeCommerce
February 14, 2019

6 E-commerce Trends to Complement Your Marketing Strategy

With a plethora of e-commerce websites running all over the internet, consumers today have plenty of options to shop from. The growth of e-commerce has been mind-blowing in recent years and the digital marketing landscape too has witnessed a tremendous shift. The emergence of data analytics and innovative technologies has…
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choose right ecom platform
February 7, 2019

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right E-Commerce Platform

Nielson has predicted that E-commerce will surge by 20% and become a huge market of $4 trillion by 2020. Amazon has the biggest chunk of this, contributing to 37% of online spend. However, small online sellers do have great potential and can capitalize on this promising growth prospect of the…
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